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A Month of Change

Sometimes you have to put down the penLike coffee, brew, put on old leather bootsGet in a garden and follow some rootsTake some time off before you begin againLet your brain rest for a while and thenAs the season transitions … Continue reading

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In Autumn we prune and cut downMake beds for fresh new snowflakes boundTo landfall These gloved hands pull obstinate weedsThey thought summer’s wealth would breedA landslide Little did they know no fruit comesMy cell phone at home I feel lostNo … Continue reading

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Observations in October

The lakes look vacant as the geese have flownNo butterflies adorn the skyLonging and solitude drownInto a puddle of indecision Should I mourn what’s lost or rejoice what’s to beAn awkward pose to keepI waiver side to sideMy balance and … Continue reading

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Pain’s Reward

The pain of others makes me strongIt drives me to my kneesIt forces me to face my ownLimitations, doubts and fearsIn retrospect I stand amazedOf every time these eyes were glazedIn opaque cloudy hazeMy pain violently siphonedSucked out an insatiable … Continue reading

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She sleeps. Thoughts turn to dreams. She awakes. She lay silent, waiting to discern rested or restless. Succulent images toss and disappear like wrinkles on a jittery sea. The answer makes no difference. A cold, wet cloth on her face … Continue reading

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Hidden Propagation

Now withered stalks where blooms once sweetThe gardener snips. The season is pastSharp eyes know which will lastA sprout anew begins to breathe Often words may make some seetheBudding growth not yet full grownLike seeds in wind are loosely sownGreedy … Continue reading

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For the Love of Patience

I Leaves fall while some remainSteadfast they wait while changing huesCompliant with time and purpose Il“I won’t get a birthday cakeWith candles and décor”Pouting like a child in two days ninety IIIA text asking questions I cannot answerShould I stay? … Continue reading

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None But One

No praise will pass these lips againIn exultation of mere mortal menWho long since now be ash and dustWanton fragrance of lingering lustThough feats of valor I’ll never despise(My failed attempts much more denied) But praise I will to Him … Continue reading

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Poems Will Never Die

Poets turn wordsUpside downBalance on edgeRoll on our tonguesSoak in salivaSlice, diceGulp, swallowSpit them outSpread them thin orPile them on thickBut one thing our wordsCan never be is set in stoneToo malleable Monday quadrille. The word is stone.

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The Making of a Dream

Dreams fly as sawdust on sandpaperDrifting lazily down atop a field of poppiesCouched in the warm blues of unsung melodiesMuffled by the clamor and cacophonyA safety orange sun set in lavenderDisturb not and none will notice Homogenized flavors none noticeSleep’s … Continue reading

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