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I took the picture out of the white envelope and took the frame down from the scalloped wooden valance atop my window where eight by ten pictures of my daughter were placed,  each one behind another. As I looked at … Continue reading

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One Day at a Time

To voice something into the air out loud is sometimes a scary thing. I make plans in my head. Sometimes I whisper them in the middle of the night. Sometimes I pray them to God seeking his confirmation. But saying … Continue reading

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Round and Round

Can’t you see We’ll never get the music right We all won’t play the same tune You can jazz it up Keep it tight But jazz doesn’t know how to end Repeats the chords Over and over again Doesn’t know … Continue reading

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We All Can Fly

My hungry soul cedes Finding rest my mind transforms Emerging anew Caterpillars feed In silent secret spaces Gauzy wings flutter prompt – write a poem about humans having animal-like qualities or animals having human-like qualities.

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A Strong Foundation

Solid rock, not stone Is what I stand upon No mix, He stands alone None other shares His throne While earth and sky and sea Display His majesty The Rock of Ages Sets His eyes on me Small as the … Continue reading

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Two Novembers

November last year She was breathing in salt air Standing on the shoreline Watching waves surge valiantly Only to recede in surrender Again and again and again Ever the same, give and take As it spoke balance and solace November … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, I Don’t Have an Answer

    All there is is prayer Don’t ask for explanations All there is Is a smile or a tear I can’t change the situation All there is Is hope in despair Hope alone is resuscitation All there is Is … Continue reading

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