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The Angle of an Eye

Some see it as a nuisance Others view an opportunity School children see it as rest Still some encounter a malady Snow always falls differently Fluffy and light Dense and heavy Those who never have seen Only in pictures dream … Continue reading

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Embers And Ashes

Singed, curled edges Eyes weep Smiles drown Flames of fire Burn hot Ashes only Left to cool We sweep them away While memories remain In tact considering the word fire. Whether by tragedy or intent, memory is branded hotter … Continue reading

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Waiting’s Rewards

Why did I never understand? Why did I have to wait so long? Who had such a hold of my dreams Never letting them go? Shall I blame myself For being so blind? Who in this universe Brings light that … Continue reading

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After The Waiting

One holiday, this year celebrated twice; friends, then family, now done. The leftovers are packed, the dishes washed and put away. A part of us is glad it is over. Another part wonders why it ended so quickly. We planned … Continue reading

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First things first

First unwrap my soul It is where you find my desire Unwrap my mind Ignite a fire To only unwrap my flesh Is to sink us both in mire   dVerse prompt is to explore identity and desire. I am … Continue reading

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Basic Instinct

Spoiled in the sun Every yen and fancy Came her way Spurned as a child He, silenced by all Aging fruit sweetens in decay Bears to the beehive Moths to a flame A spoiler to decelerate— Avoid the crash! …Or … Continue reading

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A Moment To Ponder

What is it of first snow Starting in the night The season crumpling Before its last pages read— I resign to unsettled sleep ..z..zz..z… Now in light snowdrops still fall Silently covering what I left undone Snow…mercy in perfect time … Continue reading

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Tones and Textures

  Soft potato chips don’t cut it Though the taste doesn’t change It’s all in the crunch Marshmallows need to be burnt around the edges A thin, burning icicle melting into a warm pillow Texture matters Words can gel and … Continue reading

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A Mirror Not Of Glass

  Tumbling, windswept leaves fall to the ground Hoping to appear graceful Wondering will they get a decent burial Scurrying squirrels store up for the winter I hear some forget and steal Gone now are the geese and the hummingbird … Continue reading

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Insomnia’s Rival

Deep inhale …. Wait…. Psssshhhhoooooowwww……. Silence….. Again. Then hhhhaaaaaammmm Silent vacuum in and down An empty cavern A blissful abyss No fear here Only peace Journaling of a dreamless sleep (

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