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Above the Echo

Echoes bounce inside my head Repeating all I heard and said Cacophony of truth and lies All compete to claim the prize The spoil in this warrior’s fight I stand at guard amid the plight Aware that echo’s reverberations Can … Continue reading

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Cold in Twilight

Another cold winter in Vermont with snow halfway up the house wasn’t putting any smile on Leila’s face, not this year. Brown Swiss in the barn needed milking and her boys were doing their best to help and tend to … Continue reading

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The Less You Are, the More Hope You Have

As dusk erases the day Familiar lines shade into night Formless Trouble seems boundless Reason is senseless But… Life within Effortlessly placed by a colorless, faceless entity When the world was found clueless Was born helpless And died harmless Now … Continue reading

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The Awesome Ever-powerful Holy Spirit

Can words be corralled? Timeframes be contained? Do memories fade away Like morning dew? Even dewdrops silently rise And fill the skies «Whispering» later as rain So the Spirit goes where it will— Leaving its mark Patiently waiting Till we … Continue reading

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To Lose is the Greater Gain

Why do I think I should win when losing is all I know? How did I expect to fly like a hawk against the snow? When do I think I’ll become what Christ has made me be? Is Hope on … Continue reading

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