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Natures Calm

Steam diffuses as scents ariseI sip tea, a sprig of mint, crushedSifts through my pores and warms my eyesSteam diffuses as scents arise.Calmly Hushes my torrid criesLike strong massaging hands, unrushedSteam diffuses as scents arise.I sip my tea, a sprig … Continue reading

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An Impetuous Plea from A to Z

ABitterCountenanceDeclaresEveryFaithful promiseGod made asHorrificlyInsufficient/ Jesus came to this world/AKaleidoscope ofLamentableMenagerieNOT to condemnOr oppose but toPassionatelyQuench andRender wrath toSatan’s stronghold from ourTenuousUndulations/ Venom violently siphoned soWHOSOEVER/ noExceptions canYield and kneel before theZed

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Deliverance From Evil

Elvis was born in ’35 in Tupelo, MississippiHis voice and fingers knit in perfect syncWhen he moved to Memphis, TennesseeI can imagine him dipped in the riverOn a sweltering humid daySome may think him a charlatanBut a tear in momma’s … Continue reading

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Consider the end

What if I’m right and you areNot paying attention butButtering toast that isn’t at all justWarm bread cause you can’tBelieve anything endsIn your world What if I’m right about the endAnd the bread gets coldAnd I’m gone Too late to … Continue reading

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Keep Me Whole

Why paint me so another agesCloned in indigo and muted grayNo one knows me like the artistOscar proved it, did he not? While I emote in garish overtonesVoracious, relentless, flaunting passionRampant romanticismWhile etched in canvas a soul tremblesPaying consequence to … Continue reading

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Yellow paint/kisses of God at my feet/ Dandelions turn to feathered puffs/carried by the wind/ A wintery night/ I nestle in my inglenook and dream/ watch embers dance to no music/Work day done/ All seeds sown will return with summer’s … Continue reading

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Hope Unleashed

Sushi, I just don’t likeThough it’s pretty, rolled up tightA bento box, neat packagingMakes it no more appetizing Flowerless ferns in places unseenPaint muted forests luscious greenSpore, no seed fuse skin with skinImparted from a source within I’ve scaled many … Continue reading

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Light splintered on my Birth Day —I buried my Head deepNo push—unprepared for rough Hands—No Mem’ry now I sleep I pull my Covers round my Head—till I can wait no moreI lift my Body from my bed—Unaware what`s in store … Continue reading

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To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night (Gibran) I hear a faint cry, a diminishing shrillI search high and low, tracing the soundIntoxicating angst, a nebulous overfillOf ruinous shambles erupts my ground … Continue reading

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Lessons in the wood

She walked through the forest flora and fauna, her eyes agaze at the multitude of species. Each tree, sprig and blossom, from the tallest to the smallest, appeared content in its place. A squirrel scampered by, undisturbed by the woodpecker … Continue reading

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