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A Riddle

Silhouettes and shadows tell tales Bending light makes colors emerge A lightning sword cuts through an opaque sky Twilight softens our eyes Today at dVerse there is no prompt word,  rather a poem that explains a feeling,  concept or idea … Continue reading

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Keeping Embers Aglow

Expelled from the womb A seed birthed by unrestrained passion Ignited and inflamed Breeds more of the same An ever burning fire That none can quench So we think the answer is Destroy the seed Even gardeners plant in season … Continue reading

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The word for is beauty A poem What do I conjure up in my mind? Who do I summon When I feel ugly I see the crooked jaw The one eye drooping As I snap the picture to send … Continue reading

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A Matter of Heart

I believe that God created each living thing complete And I believe His perfect plan is for all to live in peace And when we realize His love we’ll sing in perfect harmony Thursday is open link night this week … Continue reading

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Taken Over

Ocean laps the wind Waves drunk with sudden fury No one dare go near   Linked with Prompt is ‘drunk’  

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Somewhere The Sun Shines

I dressed in grey not even realizing I was being absorbed into the shroud. A canopy of clouds hung over the earth and not a break I could find would let in the sunlight. A bleak rain on my windshield … Continue reading

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Free Will

My words belong to me Penned of my own will I am not driven Forced nor enticed I choose what words to spill My God may impress, His words may inspire But the choice is my own To express His … Continue reading

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