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Climate Change

Ice cream drips down my fingers Spilling onto my napkin The cone wrinkles Folded edges Weep and fall My teeth tingle still With each flavorful bite What was solid and sturdy Quickly morphs into A scrambled swirl Now contained It … Continue reading

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Misplaced Attentions

Stammering… freckles meaning— and broken words send you in a frenzy but you watch fireflies at dark And marvel at twinkling stars. Sunlight shatters the night With magenta and rose You hang on bits of dreams Tell me… How are … Continue reading

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Youth and Aging

Sunlight accentuated her freckles Sun-burnt against her white Irish skin Blood orange hair spilling over Her shoulders Admired by one who had none One day against creamed coffee tones Someone dared to exclaim, FRECKLE! Time stopped… Once a desire Now … Continue reading

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Prefix of Days

Someday… I will not get lost going from point A to point B But today… The Lord is my shepherd and leads me Someday… I will not forget to do what I said I would do But today… He remembers … Continue reading

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