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Drained or Sustained (This thing called love)

You are a bird-understanderBetter than I could ever beWho make so many noisesAnd call them song (Craig Arnold Bird-understander) Birds at my feeder don’t singThey eat and savor all the sweetBirds in need their voices raiseHow dare I tell in … Continue reading

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Splitting Heirs

Blessed at birthCursed at BirthAngels and witchesGreet me at the wombVie to win my adorationCome my tomb Fairytales written tellOf damsels taken in distressGallant prince shares his kissLove foreverEnd of storyDrench your sleepIn dreams of glory Inheritance a promise snatchedEvery … Continue reading

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Initially Me

IUSEDTOBEBIGGERThenIStartedTo(Wane) MyBodyChoseToSpendMoreThanIGave NowNothingFitsWellMyShapeIsQuiteMeh FolkWalkrightbyAndnotknowIAmthere WhenonelooksattheoutwardforshapeanddesignhowtragicalosstowalkbyamindThathasmanyC u R v e SD-i-Men-SIonsAndhuesButITooamTooOften too(small)toseeYOU! My initials are MEH. Napowrimo prompt i am linking with Fighting with WordPress with color and fonts sizes. Did not paste the same way I copied. What is … Continue reading

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Love’s Labours Lost (or found?)

She lingered in her lustAs dreams turned to dust She lingered far too longMissed the sparrow’s song Now love’s ardent swayHolds her fast and bids her stay Now she lingers in its presenceTill she reaps the fruit of patience … Continue reading

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I Hear Music

“Soon, Mary, soon….” I speak to myself as we drive down the street. I marvel at spring! I am watching it wake up. Magnolia, dogwood, weeping cherry and maple punctuate the all too familiar landscape. We pass by a blaze … Continue reading

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Dream or visionI recall notInsomnia frecklesMy morningFading as the dayWears on We meetShe skips rocksIn shallow streamsHer hand in mineWe climb mountainsHike trailsWinter’s breathTells me I will dieYet keeps me alive Dream or visionI recall notAll I knowIs she was … Continue reading

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Dawning of a Day

No one sawLimestone or siltMingle with her tearsMoonlight dug cavernsAnd dripped into her soul No one sawPools of hopeSpring in her tearsSunlight added joyAnd illuminated her soul How does one explain a smileAfter a sleepless night? Napowrimo Love mystery. Some … Continue reading

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Even Ground

Over the thresholdHe lifted herA featherIn his hands Or was she aFeather in his cap? Sheol is notDeep enoughWhen foundationsCollapse Heaven is notHigh enoughTo reachWhat time has lapsed But One who knows both‘Fore an’ aft’Sees no disparityReaches down fromHeavenUp from … Continue reading

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Momentary Resolve

It is what it isNot what it was It is what it isSo why all the fuss Yesterday thenSpoke loud and clear It was what it wasNow we are here And what once wasI could call amiss But it led … Continue reading

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What Am I?

I live in the windAnd surf on the edge of every waveHold women in bonds orFling doors open and freeShackle men in chains orTurn them into leadersIf you happen to stumble upon me(For I show my face quite oftenI am … Continue reading

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