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I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. Recently I have begun writing a couple of blogs. One poetry and one on hope. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused. Soon to be added is another blog...writings on hope from a biblical perspective. Now it can be seen at please feel free to visit.


  If I could return to when things were clear A time of absence of all doubt and fear Where every road led to someplace dear I would have to go further than my earthly years Reaching behind for idyllic … Continue reading

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One’s Goodbye

  You cannot hear Words drop From my lips like hail stones Slamming on deaf ears Too late will they melt Onto withered grass That could have been green All that is left are tears Thursday prompt. Open link … Continue reading

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    When I look into a mirror I am staring back at me. We are both facing forward, yet backward. Things behind my image are in front of me, yet behind me. When I take a selfie, it comes … Continue reading

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A Change of Season

Summer is acting like a child. One day she is full-faced and laughing. The next she hides under the covers of the clouds and on go the sweaters. I still keep the long sleeves at reach. Each year seems the … Continue reading

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I am One drop of water in an ocean A single decibel of sound in the universe A joule in this force of current I am not Consumed in the waves Unheard in vociferous confusion Short circuited in the circulating … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

As I lean toward the sun Do I see what is and isn’t done? Do I notice what I could not see Deluded by the shadow of me? The longest day…a bit of grace To prove light can overcome the … Continue reading

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  Sometimes I take the little pill The doctor gives to cure my ills Hoping side effects will sleep Till my case is in retreat When I see a cerulean sky Whispering clouds drifting by Changing shapes and breaking ties … Continue reading

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