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I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.

My Cut-out Words of Hope Speaks

You cling to me in desperationYour soul peels the layered paint as if it breathes Would you unravel the yarn in a baby sweaterAnd expose her to the extreme elements? Or capture the music from the cello when it wafts … Continue reading

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Life’s Lessons

Sooneror laterwe all will learnThe cost of loveIs worth the burn Thursday. Open link. Any poem of choice.

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Snowdrops out my window held my gazeAn hour later all its beauty fadesA remnant erased spreads a hint of grayLeaving just a memory that remains I dine with friends, a long time in betweenWe speak of days gone by and … Continue reading

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Strong Delicate Moment

Mother and daughter watched the delicate butterfly land silently on the vibrant pink zinnia. The long stem held the extra weight. No sway, no stagger, sweet nectar flowed from flower to probiscus. “If I touch her wing, will it break?”“No”, … Continue reading

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Eternity and Back Again

Pre meBefore the rainA glint of light flickeredAwakened by His whispered breathI was New leafSpring’s announcementHidden life now breaks forthJubilant laughs of nature’s huesAlive SerpentStretched skin SlithersVenom in an appleGarden of Eden marked with swordsGuarded MatchaGround tea leaves sootheUntil supply … Continue reading

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The War is Over; This is Just the Battle

A war not Wrought of flesh and bloodWas fought and won with flesh and bloodDefeat- evil cannot discernVows to ever kill and scorn Righteousness stands still and sureAnd knows the moment which to strikeHis image-bearers-every manHe beckons for their soul … Continue reading

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Artist’s Dilemma

《They》sayJust a dab’l do yaOr will it do ya inA spot of paint can spread awry Destroy the image in one’s eyeEvery drop of perspiration Dampened by a single stroke Do I start anewIt’s only paint and paper Quadrill … Continue reading

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Much More Than skin

She came forth wrapped in sericinLike the mulberry silkworm raised in confinesA breath, an image, a soul needs skinA boiling cauldron serves to peel the rindsLike a polished stone the maker kneads and refinesSafe and secure from the world outsideA … Continue reading

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It Is Good To Talk

You drink tea?Well so do IWhy should I be so surprised?Of such commonalities as theseWhen I know we stand beneath a single skyBeauty says without a wordThere is no difference between you and I exploring conversation. Find a poem … Continue reading

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A Loving Look Behind

Beginning anything new is scary, no matter how the adrenaline flows. The cry of a new baby girl after the silence of two previous baby boys filled every cell and sinew with overwhelming emotion. Unfinished grief and inexplicable joy mingled … Continue reading

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