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I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.


Maybe its dreams, schemesOr last night’sLate night’s ice cream I know Some see visions–reality revisionedLanguage and aura mingle with horrorBirthing words, a melody heardA web neatly spunTempt gullible ones With Scintillating, stimulatingArticulating, mischief makingUnexplainable, untraceableOrigins A single toneA bagpipe droneAre … Continue reading

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When Silence and Stillness Battle

Voices begat chaosI tried muting the wordsHoping to silenceAlI that I heard Syllables bore deepLike yeast in a doughI felt the rise as it warmedStifling my control “What stillness?”, I queried“Lord, where is your grace”I heard no answerBut tears kissed my … Continue reading

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Trusting More Than Silence

I may think it quaint to live in a cabin in the woodsWhere the sky is staged with feathered songsAnd shadows wake the night owl’s fluteHis lullaby the whole night long The sound of my voice solitaireNone with whom to … Continue reading

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Shelled but not shelfed

A virgin defiled is like a palmed roseStripped of her fragrance–a sillage remainsSustaining a grey life with dim accuracyUntil spiritual songs dance their way deep inside her painted mirthNulling marrows consuming her inside out The charms of Samuel Greenberg, … Continue reading

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Pulled in Every Direction

If it doesn’t draw meThere’s no attractionA powerless magnetIs no distraction My mind is filledWith undone tasksWhy force myselfWhy overflow this laden flask – Sun now fallingMoon rising highStars embrace the tempting lightI succumb and write Monday quadrille. Submitted … Continue reading

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In His Shadow

A tanka from reading Exodus 33 Mary Hood·Just now Darkness covers me I run this way and that way Seeking a light’s glance If I can only sit still My heart His glory will fill The tanka is a thirty-one-syllable poem. A … Continue reading

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I’m at home in the kitchen. Maybe it’s lineage.Maybe its because I had to clean my plate before I left the table. I thought, depression years.We dare not waste the rations of war. We will consume them.Taste, does it matter? … Continue reading

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A Piece of Time

Could it be the road less traveledIs only the one I never was on The only difference –winter to spring/summer to fallIs the brown paper package-‐the wrappings A taxi meter runs on the yellow brick roadwe all pay a fare … Continue reading

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Sustainable pines Not for a minute they yearn For pink leaves falling Below are directions. I wrote a haiku. (and yes, some leaves look pink) you might have heard of “What 3 Words” The developers of what3words have divided … Continue reading

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When the sun is set it is clear (or should be), that no persuading will erase the darkness. Morning follows evening no matter how long the night, the only difference being how sound we sleep. “That habit will be the … Continue reading

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