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I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.

Seasonal Alignment

My eyes close with the turning sunSummer takes a nap her day doneI sleep right through my morning run Entranced I miss the miraclePulse of creation’s spiracleFall prey to ruse satiricalUnaware of life in half-time Day unfolds as sun awakensLike … Continue reading

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Overflowing Fruit

MemoriesPast, present and futureWhat I tasteTastes like homeWhat I yieldIs from what I’ve sownAll before meLeads me forwardTo my destinyWaiting for me Tuesday prompt. Poetics in season. Write a poem about a fruit that evokes a memory, or write … Continue reading

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Time to Linger

Some move at another’s paceTrip over air and spaceIs time a vortex?Is it a vacuum?Eternity stretches beyond each endCups of coffee blend friendsI can no longer run your raceIt’s my turn to lingerYour turn to wait Monday quadrille. Poem … Continue reading

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You Choose

People often don’t knowIf I’m coming or goingFront and rearBoth seem to appearIf I try to conformTo the image in your mindYou may end up regrettingWhat you findLook deep in the mirrorDo you really want two?I’m learning what not to … Continue reading

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Shadows shift and squeeze the reins on summerSlowly seduced by sleep flies linger longerI think one less fly won’t matterIt’s in my wayOh, its purpose greater than my demeanor?Can I transfer my wordsTo this chaotic worldAs I hear the incessant … Continue reading

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Rome apples, coarse, blemished, unsprayed, fell straight from her tree. I was grateful for the gift. I roughly cut them into asymmetrical chunks, tossing the good into the bowl. A few frozen wild blueberries from last summer’s yield thrown in, … Continue reading

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Season Transitions

Sitting under the apple tree I dream As leaves drift lazily rocked downward bound Summer latches onto lullaby’s beam Mesmerized to the bidding of the ground A breeze jostles me i wake to my task Unlike the seasons I must … Continue reading

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Rhythmic Waves

Rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, pondsI follow them through bramble and wooded trailsI trace their edges with my eyesWatery autonomy with no outletOceans call me to where I have lassoed my signature on rocky shores, markings of hues and shades of … Continue reading

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Response and Ability

It doesn’t seem fair or just that one maintain a incomprehensible depth of joy when the sorrows of this world are at its unfathomable height. Is that why I so often sink into the groove of despair? I become a … Continue reading

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All Things New

It’s a familiar SeptemberEarth pies in usual fractionsI fall with Autumn’s retractionYears long gone I still remember; Although leaves will soon dismemberSturdy are the roots that feed themUnderneath already new stemsPulse with life in hope of springtimeListen look beyond the … Continue reading

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