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I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.

Qwerty or ABC

Twenty six letters of English fontIn rhyme and song is how one’s taught Once the letters securely fitWe pull each out and start to mix How does a B find an LWhy does W merge with R so well And … Continue reading

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Finish the Lullaby

On a pinnacleA cradle rocksA sullen whisperWatch it top-Ple-Circuit break-Ers-Power outCan hope surviveA pile of doubt? Lead me hungryAtop a hillLike Satan ledBy Spirit’s willDreams lie muteHarsh winds assailLike Jesus roseHope will prevail! Rock-a-bye baby and Matthew 4.

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A Matter of Posture

I woke to rain where sun once shoneThings planned in May now lie in waitInside I move with clouded gait Seems long ago my skin was bronzeWhy stuck between this then and nowEmpty hands in heart my head bowed I … Continue reading

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Falling Star

DayTime to showOff my crossWalk but my sunBurn from midNight dreamsUnderEstimate humongousCaverns inThe earthQuake of my soul Now I crossWalkBy a nightLightShining softly asIt whispersLeave well-enoughAlone Dverse is ompounding words. The list is to choose one or more is as … Continue reading

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Above the Static

While sleepingSunny yesterdayDidn’t hearClouds roll inStatic in grayEmptied into my eyesSing louderChange the channelDifferent TuneDon the bathing suitGrab the coffeeComeLet us outrun itLest we spend the dayCryingStagnantStaticTears #2 offering for quadrille word Static.

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Just For Fun (in honor of my brother)

I wonder if statisticiansGet caughtWith static in their earsWhen computingNumbers and oddsAfter allProbabilitiesOffer possibilitiesNo promisesWithin every equationIs static ProblematicWhen it takes onlyOne more numberTo change the solutionBut I do words Monday quadrille exactly 44 words excluding the title. The … Continue reading

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Drained or Sustained (This thing called love)

You are a bird-understanderBetter than I could ever beWho make so many noisesAnd call them song (Craig Arnold Bird-understander) Birds at my feeder don’t singThey eat and savor all the sweetBirds in need their voices raiseHow dare I tell in … Continue reading

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Splitting Heirs

Blessed at birthCursed at BirthAngels and witchesGreet me at the wombVie to win my adorationCome my tomb Fairytales written tellOf damsels taken in distressGallant prince shares his kissLove foreverEnd of storyDrench your sleepIn dreams of glory Inheritance a promise snatchedEvery … Continue reading

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Initially Me

IUSEDTOBEBIGGERThenIStartedTo(Wane) MyBodyChoseToSpendMoreThanIGave NowNothingFitsWellMyShapeIsQuiteMeh FolkWalkrightbyAndnotknowIAmthere WhenonelooksattheoutwardforshapeanddesignhowtragicalosstowalkbyamindThathasmanyC u R v e SD-i-Men-SIonsAndhuesButITooamTooOften too(small)toseeYOU! My initials are MEH. Napowrimo prompt i am linking with Fighting with WordPress with color and fonts sizes. Did not paste the same way I copied. What is … Continue reading

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Love’s Labours Lost (or found?)

She lingered in her lustAs dreams turned to dust She lingered far too longMissed the sparrow’s song Now love’s ardent swayHolds her fast and bids her stay Now she lingers in its presenceTill she reaps the fruit of patience … Continue reading

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