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A Matter of Posture

I woke to rain where sun once shoneThings planned in May now lie in waitInside I move with clouded gait Seems long ago my skin was bronzeWhy stuck between this then and nowEmpty hands in heart my head bowed I … Continue reading

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Falling Star

DayTime to showOff my crossWalk but my sunBurn from midNight dreamsUnderEstimate humongousCaverns inThe earthQuake of my soul Now I crossWalkBy a nightLightShining softly asIt whispersLeave well-enoughAlone Dverse is ompounding words. The list is to choose one or more is as … Continue reading

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Above the Static

While sleepingSunny yesterdayDidn’t hearClouds roll inStatic in grayEmptied into my eyesSing louderChange the channelDifferent TuneDon the bathing suitGrab the coffeeComeLet us outrun itLest we spend the dayCryingStagnantStaticTears #2 offering for quadrille word Static.

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Just For Fun (in honor of my brother)

I wonder if statisticiansGet caughtWith static in their earsWhen computingNumbers and oddsAfter allProbabilitiesOffer possibilitiesNo promisesWithin every equationIs static ProblematicWhen it takes onlyOne more numberTo change the solutionBut I do words Monday quadrille exactly 44 words excluding the title. The … Continue reading

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