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Sing Me to Sleep

The moon and stars take their shift And stands guard while sun and earth sleep Babies hear lullabies And they sleep Small children hear stories with happy endings And they sleep Teens hear music and media And they sleep less … Continue reading

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In The Spectrum

If I blend Will I be invisible? If I stand apart, Too loud? Do I choose To be my own Or part of a crowd? The colors of the rainbow Placed ‘tween rain and sun Is both the primary and … Continue reading

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A Slice of Spice Scintillating evidence that draws you full into the present Promoting your senses, rising them to a new level Illuminating and reviving sleeping fibers of your soul Casting light and imagination deep into dark places Extracting the … Continue reading

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A season’s herald Oaks die in glory shouting Conifers stand still   Open link with  A haiku      

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You ask “Why?” Why not “ Why not?” Who are we anyways That life shouldn’t happen? I should be spared? Could I then see mercy? Does not the silver spoon tarnish? The prompt at is to write a poem … Continue reading

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It starts to sprinkle and I don’t mind walking in it. It refreshes me on a hot, humid day. That is how poetry began, one here, one there, and not in close proximity. I mean, maybe a dozen or so … Continue reading

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Kaleidescopes see every fragmented view Labyrinths pave out our way An ocean’s temperment carryies us to despair or a safe shore Stirred up dust and clay in constant need But there is a Savior who catches us as we ask … Continue reading

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