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Cherry Blossoms and Seasons

We don’t pay attention well. Well, maybe I don’t pay attention well. Seasons come and go. The winds are furious today, and will be tomorrow, they say. They say. I listened through the night. It made such a fuss, all … Continue reading

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Swept up in a Circle

The chill of morning gone I throw the blanket on the floorStumble to the kitchen where my boots wait at the door Winter gone my lawn displays what seasons left undoneNow I have to finish all I had begun Daffodils … Continue reading

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I am the salientSet against a backdrop of shadowsI am fast, I am slowI march on and scenes changeI watch everything shift and growEarth freezes then melts in seasonsPale blue hues gently kiss a sleeping morning skyBy afternoon the seas … Continue reading

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Some I’d Rather (k)not

I knot my laces twice so they don’t come untiedI feel like a child but it saves my prideWhen I walk a straight path and not fall downCause I stepped on threads dangling loose on the groundOthers knots I wrestle … Continue reading

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Elemental Things

I’m so out of wordsMy thoughts in a fogBut I on my kneesWelcome the dawning What miracle IFail most to receiveIs that I keep waking up each morning ddversepoets.comThursday prompt (Friday) open link night.

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Anything But Mute

This being human is…A never ending bellow in the nightThough winter melts without a cryAnd spring is welcomed with a sighIt never asked for anythingBut arrived Challenge is to write a metaphor poem beginning with “This being human is”

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It’s mid-March, and I can’t remember a year she was so determined to live up to her reputation. Every day, thus far, blustery winds blow. I feel the same. Did we even have wind last year, or were we so … Continue reading

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Steam wraps my face like velvetCinnamon scents riseWindow pane stained with dropletsForecast again liedMy lips search for spiceBut no flavor can be foundWhy am I surprised? Here is a poetry unfamiliar to me. Not sure I aced it. Fun … Continue reading

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Mother to Child

Now my days of youth and frolic ceaseThough my hands still cradle starlit dreamsAnd every broken promise makes one weepSolace is a pedestal of never-ending schemes The sculptor sands the chiseled stone to gleamAnd all who see it never knew … Continue reading

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All We Don’t See

“What, is the love of God so hard that it makes you run away?”“Oh no, it’s sooo awfully good, that I long to stay, No one ends a game of chessGran masters just go mad I’m toldWe reach the edge … Continue reading

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