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It’s Not All About the Money

If my song could hold you like a saxophone solo If I could lift you from every black hole If I could make you float like ivory soap Dry your tears make you love your years Uncover your lion heart … Continue reading

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The ride home is mundane Ashen air erases all chromatics As somnolence presses close In dusk, all looks the same Sleep sings a lullaby Closing my eyes With hypnotic draw I come alive Where you laugh with me In the … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Promise

  We give Earth takes In between There is room For the rainbow  Conjur up a room and write a poem. While watering my friends gardens today, I was blessed with two rainbows!    

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Misleading Perspectives

My first reaction is to find the entrance and exit. I see none, which means the mouse is still inside. I don’t see him either. All I see are one dimensional boxes. The dots, an illusion of movement, makes me … Continue reading

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When Spring Looks Effortless

“I’m so sleepy” Dorothy said The scarecrow tried to lift his empty head While the lion yawned The tin man shrieked “Fields of poppies” put them to sleep May began with winter’s remnant A woman after her first trimester, settles … Continue reading

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Random with Purpose

Sun rises and sets Rain knows only one direction Clouds conflate and separate Darkness is silent and still Until I crush it with shadows This month is National Tanka Month, or #NaTankaMo. In honor of this celebration of tanka, … Continue reading

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Pondering the Portal

One side to that side Always dark from dusk to dawn Is that why we sleep? When we are awake We wonder will the day break Is this endless mourn? And if we sleep Will darkness do its evil? Muting … Continue reading

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How Do We See?

See me through a broken mirror I am battered See me through splintered glass I am shattered See me through water’s reflection I am rippled See me through biased eyes I am crippled But see me broken as you Before … Continue reading

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Fixated on hunger I ate everything in sight I was in such a hurry Nothing tasted right Looking for satisfaction Turned into bowel impaction Now I’m fixed on this reaction And my words need a retraction Won’t someone please fix … Continue reading

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Things We Plant

I owe to the world what I can never repay I borrowed and squandered and fell to the prey Of interest – now planted beneath its despair Principal deepens growing unwanted care I planted Gladiola bulbs deep in the soil … Continue reading

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