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A Length of Time

If today seems drawnBecause I am lazyInsomniac hangoverLingers heavyMy feet like leadMy strength withersLike flowers underA weight of rainThen forever might be short OLN. Wrote this in response to napowrimo early bird prompt. “If Forever be short.” A line … Continue reading

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Either Way

The devil be damned I sayNo matter my choicesNo matter my wayMore than one is allergic to the scent of flowers Who dares get close enoughTo ask why the bee stings?You may find the reason exactly that –Few dare! A … Continue reading

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I Settle for a Glimpse

March is almost gone and once again I will miss seeiing the Cherry Blossoms in my nation’s Capital District. I have family and many friends scattered among and around the skirt of the city, yet I have never once had … Continue reading

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ColorfulOdds and endsNarrated withFalaciousEloquenceTantalizeTaintedIllusions linking with I couldn’t resist. Write a poem selecting a paint color from a list in your form of choice. I chose confetti.

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In Support of Anesthesia

A systLike a myst-ery swellsA cloudAmbiguous shroudI take for granted untilAzure skiesTurn metallic grayA volcanic eruptionInfectious delugeDis-eases my soilIn deep sleepI rememberCovenants of oldAnd wake in bright sun A poem based on Genesis 2:21, 3:15, 15:12 -18, Hebrews 13:19-21

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Forward and Still

When March winds whisperNo leaf or twig stay secureWhile we sleep scenes change Spring follows winterSure as props and costume shiftWhat is true remains Two haikus for a happy spring!

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Seize the Day

My fork pierces the yolkI watch it spreadOver the whiteQuickFlip it overLest it run amok Darkness pierces the lightWatch it spreadOver every thingLiving or stillNo flippingLight wins Light pierces the darknessNo fanfareNo fireworksNo pompSilent revelationLight wins

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Joyful Sound

March winds pelted rain upon the windows loud enough to interrupt her restful moments after a long, exhausting day. Frustrated, she sprang from her bed and bolted downstairs to see what the fuss was all about. She checked the screen … Continue reading

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(C)leaning the Lens

Through my eyes I see my choiceThrough your eyes hear your voiceThrough world vision mirrors bendMy hands and feet crouch stealthily lest I offendI did it allTo my demise?Ah, nope!My sight restoredI see through ChristMy hope Bjorn challenges us … Continue reading

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Keep Moving

Wrapped in her robe, she hugs her coffee mug, looks out her window pane, and traces the Maple silhouette behind glistening ice crystals. She recalls her sleep where words stirred and then let go when she woke. March winds stir … Continue reading

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