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A Most Unlikely Place

You come to look for a kingBut find a babe insteadI too come begging for breadBut hear angelic voices sing We bow with gifts in handSurely the best we haveUnaware He will conquer the graveAs He fulfills His Father’s plan … Continue reading

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November comes to an end A crown of snow on gutters edge I break icicles overhead Lest my crown drip ruby red Time to seed the frozen ground To feed whatever birds be found Be it Chicadee or Cardinal crowned … Continue reading

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The seaPale as meUntil radiant skiesBaptizeIn vibrant huesTwo as oneI walk this sodNot knowing whenThe road may turnOr will the sea divideWhat is knownI claim no hue to call my ownWhich may be whyI set none asideTo love one above … Continue reading

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Treasures in Darkness

Amid beautiful gems buried in sand, one sparkles brighter now as I sift through faces and names. Perhaps without her my life would have been different. She was the friend who stayed when all others left. We didn’t always agree … Continue reading

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Yellow on Yellow

Tight yellow balloonPOP! Sunburst confetti skyBroken shell Ah-hh–reliefMorning forecast said rainBright sun bathed my face all day long Wayra (Quechua – wind) is a popular verse form of Peru and Bolivia. It appears it originated in an indigenous Quechua … Continue reading

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Slapped Awake

“This is my letter to the world that never wrote to me”“I dwell in possibility…” These are two quotes from one of my favorite poets, Emily Dickinson. Maybe because she was born in December, as I. Maybe because she was … Continue reading

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What did I do so wrong?I danced your danceFollowed your every moveAvoided the shadowsI wake nowAbove me cloud coverThreat of stormSoft translucent raindropsWind whistles throughHalf-dressed treesI watch them move freelyI still can seeYou do me favor you say?Oh, my eyes … Continue reading

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A Cutting Edge

A salve buried inside thick thorny leavesMassages the burn no one feelsBeneath my searing skinSets alight another fire within Of when butterflies fluttered and flitOn my wounds they alitA smile emergesMother and child? No, child and childCompetition of positionSelfish extracts … Continue reading

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“What sense do our senses tell of”, she asks. “Take love, oh yes, please take love, take it far from me. The love I have, the love I give. I gave to one consciously, determined it would return, but alas, … Continue reading

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The Struggle

Insomnia spills into morningImplosion constrained within this thin frameworkA seditious upheavalNails, cement, mortar tearYet holdSimplicity settles like morning frost weighs lightly on the earthMy feet no threat to the impending winter Ingrid brings us insight into abstract and concrete … Continue reading

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