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Weather or Not

As days slip by without a careRain and wind play well and shareImpish pranks then they disappearTheir sin we bear, their sin we bear No regard for whose to blame seemsCruel and unjust as childish dreamsMan’s strength and toil repair … Continue reading

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Mixed Messages

Third one’s a charm, I heardBut I’ve seen what’s hidden behind those sweet wordsI wouldn’t dare tellI wouldn’t want to cause doubtI think he means three strikes and your out proverbial poems. A little fun pun of mine.

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Mid-stream Switch

This change of sceneryNow streaming like a creameryRenders sweet dairy from bovine greeneryI longed for sun where darkness dweltMy foolish deeds now known are dealtNo not with scorn or bitter gallBut streams of blessingsOnly these eyes know quadrille Monday. … Continue reading

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Stolen Kiss

Was it for nought you kissedBehind a veil of murky cloudA beauty rare Rendezvous or moonlight trystMars and VenusSuch an unlikely pair Twill be a time to waitFor love to come this way againO may the skies then your love … Continue reading

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“Stop weeping°, she heard. She quickly wiped her eyes. What is wrong with tears of joy”, she thought? They were so rare. She rehearsed the miracles. The events of the day surely were miraculous. No human could have planned or … Continue reading

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Happily Ever After

A black canvas to some is dauntingAn abyss filled with empty dreamsAll that never was now haunting An explosion of color and schemeOne brush stroke erupts a landscapeNow a whirlpool hushes all silent screams Peace more than lavender golden hues … Continue reading

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