Things That Won’t Go Away

I remember….

A happy time

Ice cream cones dripping down my fingers as we climbed into the backseat after a day at the beach/the pavement burning my bare feet to embed the memory.

Drive-in movies/all in pajamas with popcorn, falling asleep, never seeing the ending

Stuck in the back seat with three on the way to Nebraska/singing songs to make the time go by/not being able to sleep/sweat and breath too close/miles of cornfields. No a/c, no GPS/no Apple.

A sad time

The first family split/he’s going off to college/others marry, splitting atoms and reproducing

It’s all disturbing/They called it growth/to me it was invasive and erosive/I didn’t connect those words then.

A time of understanding

In process.

We never would fit in the backseat again.

You see, I wasn’t finished.

-Today’s prompt…things you remember that connect you. Poetry sometimes is sad. Day 29 NaPoWiMo. net.

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A Not So Ordinary, Ordinary Day

I am here now to tell the story
Coming from her so much blood
Shock steadied her until the blood appeared
Reality suddenly surfacing
And then whispering turned louder
Sending her into an abyss
So fast it erased all light
And sent her spinning off course
The impact thrust her forward
Until the sound of screeching tires
It started as an ordinary day


-Today’s prompt…Write a poem from the end to the beginning. You read it backwards. Day 28 of NaPoWiMo. net. ¬†Almost done!

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All in a Daisy

IMG_20160426_152614Perhaps something she read sparked a rueful longing to be reacquainted and a spark of memory sufacing added to the intent.
Different paths our lives have traveled reaching out to touch once again says to me hearts die not with miles and pavement.
In a moment of time the flowers filled every moment we have missed.

-Today’s prompt…A poem using very long lines. From Irish poet Ciaron Carson.

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A Place of Hope

I called out with my voice
And heard nothing
So I thought I was alone

I cried out in my anger
My words just echoed back
Taking root in my soul

I wept with tears in sorrow
But sympathy and sorrow held hands
I couldn’t separate them

When my pleading ended
Then my heart could listen
And hear Him calling to me

It is not in my pleading, but in my listening

That my heart finds hope.

-Today’s prompt…a poem of call and response

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Arise my body, my small body, we have striven
Enough, and He is merciful; we are forgiven.
So why torture where there should exude peace
Past is over
We cannot undo
Future is distant
We cannot subdue
We have wrapped our tears in prayers
Time now to rest

-Today’s prompt…take the first line of any poem and go elsewhere with it. This first line is from “After Prayers, Lie Cold” by C.S. Lewis

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A resplendent day
Cerulean blue sky
Verdant trails leading up the.mountain
Scorching sunshine and laughter
As we climb higher and higher
The food runs out
The canteen is dry
The sweat of our bodies now chills the senses
As the darkness of the day falls upon us
And the air turns colder and thinner
And our joyous cries become hollow
Like faint, distant echos
And we realize we must return
Without the sun

Day 24 of My own.

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In The End

A life of recognition
A profession
A career
Many friends
Close family
Fine China
Designer clothes
Now we ride, speaking of random things
Seems useless to ask about any of it
She doesn’t remember

A home
Estranged children
A few friends
No outstanding accomplishments
Confined to her own surroundings
Corell dinnerware
Hand me down clothes
Now we ride, speaking of random things
Seems useless to ask about any of it
She doesn’t remember

Love in the moment is all that matters

Day 23 of NaPoWiMo. Net. No prompt followed


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