Pausing Thoughts

Autumn is still here
By the calendar
Giving way quickly to winter
My world is wrapped in white
I in boots and scarf
Wrapped up tight
Fall shows no remorse for leaving
Nor winter an apology for coming
We are told and know every year
It is no surprise

Christmas comes this time every year
Lights for weeks will be aglow
While we rejoice with festive show
While we will show no remorse for its leaving
Christ gives no apology for coming
We are told the historic story
The miraculous story
It is no surprise

Prophets that foretold His coming
Foretold of His coming again
It may be in evening or morning
The sun may be shining or skies be storming
The earth in remorse now is groaning
No apology be given for His returning
We are told
It is no surprise

This is the last prompt for for the year. We are pausing to engage ourselves in the holiday season. With that thought,  I leave you with something to pause and think on. I wish everyone a safe,  blessed holiday season and Happy New Year (if you happen to celebrate New Years Jan 1).




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Winds Blow in Every Direction

Birthdays. They’re always different. Some go by and you’re glad they’re gone. I have had some that were memorable and others, well let’s just say I’ve chosen to forget. But today, yes, my birthday is today, I am very pleased. Well, one thing could have made it perfect, but, when do we get perfect? Life usually runs like an LP (remember those), the music skips occasionally and doesn’t stay in the groove. So far today,  I’ve only one skip,  and I dusted it off and continued the song. Wishes came from those I didn’t even know knew. It snowed lightly all day, and the lawn that never got completely cleaned up gently and forgivingly erased all trace. My daughter came and spent the whole day with me. She even bought 3 pieces of cake with 64 candles on it! I had to blow those suckers out quickly!

So, being late, I’m combining 2 prompts into one poem. My day left me pleasantly surprised and I’m feeling very blessed. Enjoying it now for tomorrow it could all change.

When love colors you
Canvas no longer is seen
Age loses all strength


Monday’s haibun (prose with a haiku at the end) for Frank and todays prompt word “groove” all in one. I didn’t count but don’t think I went beyond 200 words.

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The sun rises over turbulent waters
Far from shore where no man sees
Waves reaching up in an attempt to touch
Only to crash down spraying vehemently
Over dolphin and seal frolicking with ardor
And light brings all together in unity
All is calm
All is bright

dVerse prompt…write a poem using symbolism.

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Space Enough For More Than One

She comes every year. She doesn’t come for an hour or a day, she comes for a few months. She’s a snowbird. My husband and I are her summer solace. She is originally from here in the Northeast, but has resided in Florida for some time now. No, you can’t live with everyone, but so far it works for us.

When she first came she was a visitor. My motto is, once or twice you are a visitor, after that, make yourself at home. Respect it as you would your own and don’t complain if I don’t have your kind of coffee. So if your in my vicinity, come on by and visit. I’ll leave the light on.

Birds at my feeder
Come and go when’ere they please
Friends in all seasons


dVersepoetspub prompt is use the word visit. I love visitors and I love to visit. I guess that’s why I’m a caregiver. Visiting is my job. So many times just a visit, long or short, can change your life, and sometimes save your life.

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Echo the Miracle

They all turned them away
Babe crunched between Ox and lamb
In a manger of hay
But angels voices alive in praise
Not crunched or silenced
By Satan’s gaze
Oh now the veil will soon be torn
His fate is sealed
Christ is born

dVersepoets prompt is a quadrille,  a poem of exactly 44 words , (excluding title). The word to include is any form of “crunch”. In light of the Advent season,  I offer this.

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Tender to Callous

I can’t hug you in friendship
You can’t touch my hand
Cause years past
Even a smile then
Returns now to deceive
And no one told
What happened in the dark
No one believed
Or cared
Silent rage
Subsiding with time
We swallow the laughter
Till it pours out as tears
And when they run dry
We turn to stone
A terror perhaps of a different kind


It is Open link Night at which means no prompt. Just a few thoughts on the current, sad trend of the news.



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I took the picture out of the white envelope and took the frame down from the scalloped wooden valance atop my window where eight by ten pictures of my daughter were placed,  each one behind another. As I looked at them and compared them with the one in my hand suddenly a sense of mourning came over me and I began to cry. The baby was gone. Her features had taken on new dimensions. Lines that framed her chubby cheeks had smoothed out. She was my beautiful little girl, but not my adorable baby. Change was evident yet I never noticed it during the process.
That is how change often is. We are busy living our lives. Even if we are not looking for change,  change is happening all around us. Life is motion. Motion is constantly changing position,  even if in perpetual cycle. What we consider to be mundane routine can be exactly the conditions necessary to produce life in those around us. We may be motivators for some,  pillars of strength and consistency to others. A life that is silent and steady can be a safe place,  a refuge.
Letting life happen
Nature needs no driving force
Seasons right on time
dVerse prompt for Tuesday is to write a poem on change. Second haibun in a row. That’s a change for me!
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