Speaking or Silent

Words are drifting away like the receding waves
Leaving torn remnants of the ocean’s bounty exposed
Out of place, misunderstood and incomplete
I hear me breathing, not speaking, and feeling alive, not silent

Speechless, when all the world is fighting for voice
Sparks ignite flames and draw passions on all sides
Age-old rhetoric wrapped in modern sililoquoy
Hate and bloodshed make bitter, not better

In silence I can listen
In silence I can hear
In silence God speaks

Oceans crash, wind blows, thunder roars
His voice is the only one that matters
Until my words are His, I just get in the way

I have linked up with five minute Friday.com and the word is Speak
Also with dversepoetspub.com where the prompt is to write a free verse sonnet. 14 lines. 2 quatrains and a then two concluding tercets.
I combined them.

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Never Blame The Rain

And we’ll never have that recipe again – Richard Harris

You know the cake we left out in the rain
The one that never could be made again
We watched it wash away into the ground
We tried but couldn’t save it we could only taste the pain

But never blame the rain
It falls on me and you
God sends the rain
To cleanse and make anew

When the straight path you’re on begins to bend
All of what you hoped for seems to end
The colors you were painting start to run
Don’t let tears of broken cisterns be your only friend

Never blame the rain
It falls on me and you
God sends the rain
To cleanse and make anew

Hope cannot be found but in the broken
Truth is weaved among lies that are spoken
Ask for a brand new recipe and start again
See miracles beyond our sight, past the rainy nights

Never blame the rain
It falls on me and you
God sends the rain
To cleanse and make anew

At dversepoets.com the prompt is to take a musical lyric from a song and write a poem of your own.
This morning I was jogging in the soft rain and started writing this in my mind, not knowing yet what the prompt was.

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Asleep or Awake?

She found a picture
She had put away
And tucked inside her memories
Was long forgotten

Faces from her younger days
Emerged in her
Like reddened
Molten clay

Now she sorts and wonders
Which are still alive
Are dreams dreams

Linked up with dversepoetspub.com.
A quadrille which is a 44 word poem.

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Empty Space

Not a one in nature
Water flows seeking to fill
Every void
Moving till heat consumes
And forces change
Vapors rise

Air cries “live!”
From cord of human flesh
We aid to bring forth life
Breath to breath

Pressure and trial
Ignite a fire
Not flame that chars
The soul
No, to join Spirit to spirit
To fill our own empty space
To make us whole

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Imperfectly Perfect

Today was an ordinary day. I did my ordinary routine. I ate my ordinary breakfast and went to work. I dealt with ordinary people. I saw their imperfect lives and listened as they tried to justify their actions. I watched them put their masks on. And I thought about how I do the very same things so often. In my mind I thought about brokenness. It has been a stream flowing through me in the past weeks. I have been seeing my fractured, broken self.

As I was considering all of this today, I asked myself, “What is that Japanese tea ritual, the one where they display the imperfect cups and speak about the beauty within the”? I couldn’t think of the answer. It was years ago I heard of it. Where the imperfect is beautiful.

And then I came to this prompt and there it was. Wabi-Sabi, the art of imperfection. Why today? The very day I was feeling broken and seeing the same in everyone else? I don’t believe in luck. I believe things happen for a reason and sometimes we get to really understand. I believe God’s original intention was that all be perfect, but because of sin we needed a Savior. I believe Jesus redeemed mankind so now even though we have imperfection God sees us as beautiful. We are broken and it is okay. We can love and be loved in our brokenness.

Angels look on us
In awe that God would bother
To bestow His grace

A haibun. My first attempt. To write in the world view of Wabi-Sabi. It recognizes the circle of life, that thing die, break,, disintegrate, and to find therein beauty.

This is awesomely true today!

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All of Me To Grow Again

I wrote a letter
To my former self
Still a child
Stilled the fears
Started in her
Continued in me

Together learned
This reconnect
Could narrow
The void that kept
Us apart
It’s okay to trace and face
Let Jesus heal
And restore again

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A True Inspiration

Her own breath of life
Sealed in Alabaster
Priced for Kings
Up to now could not be opened
Lest lost or stolen
Mingled with salt and sweat
Of one whose own breath
Impacted and revealed
Her sense of worth

Her most treasured inspiration for life
Could not be measured nor compared
Against this ethereal and impalpable
Spirit of life

Until He breathes upon us
We know not who we are
We pale in the light rather than shine

Mat 26:6-8

This poem is posted on fiveminutefriday.com
I wrote a few things, but settled on this poem.
Enjoy and be blessed!

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