I eat to survive
Then I survive that I might find food
It is the way of all flesh
I ask God to provide
Then say He has not
There is more hope in famine
Than in abundance
For plenty can be spent
Barren land is at His mercy
Turn my eyes to Jesus
My food is to do His will
The fruit of the Spirit
This is the real fruit of the Vine
I will hunger no more

Linked at fiveminutefriday. Prompt word to write about is ‘provide’.



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A One -Time Flight

Angel’s wings
In death carry me
As eyes dim
No one sees
The soul that lives is set free
Put joy in your tears

And if I
By some grace bestowed
Can offer
Sweet solace
I shall send my tears to you
Of laughter and mirth

A task done
Is worth the journey
Going home
Is pleasant
And we will gather again
When wings help you fly


dVerse prompt today is a Shadorma. A 6 line stanza of the meter 3-5-3-3-7-5. Amaya wants a poem of any amount of stanzas examining the fog,  paranormal,  or unexplained phenomena of life and death.   There is definitely some phenomena going on in death and much we only can speculate.  I hope I did the prompt justice.






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Keeping Embers Alive (Revised)

Expelled from the womb
Unrestrained passion
Ignited and inflamed
An ever burning fire
None can quench
Destroying the seed
Equals silence in ashes
Our own cries yet hushed
While haunted and untamed
Ever searching
Even gardeners plant in season
Rejoicing in good fruit
I was asked to write a tighter,  more succinct version of this poem. I started removing words,  but wanting to keep to the form of a quadrille,  I added some,  changing it up a bit. I think it says more now what the effects of abortion are,  not only on the child,  but on the rest of us.
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My Earthly Heroes

Eyes that see for me
Ears that hear for me
Lips that speak for me
Minds that teach me
Hands that hold me
Hearts that love me
Heroes….all heroes of my world

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Only One Hero

Only one from age to age
Can conquer all my earthly foes
Darkness has no strength nor power
When Christ is lifted on the throne

Lucifer, His highest angel
Minister of all heaven’s song
Decided he could rise above
But thus was thrown to earth below

Now he knows his fate is sealed
Twisting truth and blinding minds
Tells us there are other heroes
Clouds our ever wandering eyes

Engages us in earthly wars
Of hate and prejudice alike
While serving us with blood red dye
And calling it the finest wine

And some will sup whate’er he gives
Until his laughter bellows loud
But his days are short
Please ask to live
And take Christ as your Savior now

Today’s prompt is heroes. To write about a super hero you had as a child (I liked Superman and all of the movies following) or one you may have now. Though many people have come to my aide in life I only have one real eternal one.






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A Cold Burning

There is a fire
A cold burning
I feel the chills
I create a cocoon of warmth
But the ice is inside
I am not a worm
That can morph
Fever and chills
Fire and ice
There is a fire
A cold burning

At the prompt is fire. And a quadrille which is exactly 44 words, excluding the title.
This is all I offer today, as I am sick.


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Every Little Drop

The storm has ceased
A leftover spattering floats down
Looking for empty spaces to fill
Like a shaking of sugar from the bottom of the bag
Leaving no waste
Upward a foot


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