A Moment To Ponder

What is it of first snow
Starting in the night
The season crumpling
Before its last pages read—

I resign to unsettled sleep ..z..zz..z…

Now in light snowdrops still fall
Silently covering what I left undone
Snow…mercy in perfect time

Open link night at dVersepoetspub.com. Yes, our first snow is falling. These mixed feelings surface once again, among them, the word mercy comes. I will ponder on that for awhile.


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Tones and Textures


Soft potato chips don’t cut it
Though the taste doesn’t change
It’s all in the crunch

Marshmallows need to be burnt around the edges
A thin, burning icicle melting into a warm pillow
Texture matters

Words can gel and harden as stone
And none can hew
Some silence is thick and heavy
As one sloshes through

Birds play and soar in shapeless clouds
Mixed with sunlight
Texturing the sky

As I walk
What textures do I add
To those I walk by?

dVerse prompt today is texture. Any form of poem.

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A Mirror Not Of Glass


Tumbling, windswept leaves fall to the ground
Hoping to appear graceful
Wondering will they get a decent burial
Scurrying squirrels store up for the winter
I hear some forget and steal
Gone now are the geese and the hummingbird
Their absence heard
Faces on the jack-o-lanterns distorted, aged flesh
Such a short-lived flame
Morning dew yields to frosty windshields
This aging mirror
Perhaps a metaphor of us all?
Perhaps a bit like Dorian Gray?

Today at dVerse we are writing metaphors. I love metaphors until I have to think of them. They are not easy. So I hope I passed. Enjoy it anyways and I will keep practicing.

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Insomnia’s Rival

Deep inhale ….
Then hhhhaaaaaammmm
Silent vacuum in and down
An empty cavern
A blissful abyss
No fear here
Only peace
Journaling of a
dreamless sleep

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My Heaven

Utopia, you ask?

Why to me it seems
Where kind words float on the backs of dreams
And smiles lap up laughing tears
Time no longer counts in years

Where angst and sorrow are not known
And silence is a resting zone
And no one wants but neither needs
No hidden secrets to deceive

An atmosphere completely filled
With my heart’s desired thrill
No war nor selfish meander sought
No suspicious evil thought

Can dare seep in as to defile
Once done, now evermore exiled
Upon this earth where mortal be
I can only long to see

My heaven where my promise lies
Beyond all galaxies and skies
Until then with His Spirit I do my best
To live at peace with all the rest

dVersepoetspub.com prompt today is utopia. What is your utopia?

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It Just Takes A Wink

I looked up and saw the light dimming
And the blur of night swimming
Through the rain
One winking star caught my eye
Or did mine catch his…
I winked back
All okay
He seemed to say
So I believed it to be true

It is quadruple Monday at dVersepoetspub.com the prompt word is ‘WINK’. Exactly 44 words excluding the title

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I am sorry
Not for not listening to you
But for succumbing to your plea
When deep within perhaps I sensed
Where this road would lead

I am sorry
I got caught up in the emotion
And called it devotion
Caught in between
Truth and a dream

I am sorry
You are here in deep folly
All is not my fault
But I am sorry
for my part
Of your fractured heart


dVersepoetspub.com Thursday is open link night. Any poem, no prompt. This one I wrote a while back, but never shared.


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