A Restful Place

It fills every space

Quick as the door closes

As the day ends

As the words hush

Like it’s always  been

Just waiting for me to stop

It doesn’t shout

Or call

Or even whisper

It is quiet

When all leaves

There it is

With space to breathe




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Still Christmas

Sitting in the quiet on this cold December morning
No work today, yet much to do
With Christmas day fast coming
This year I find me dragging
Funds and motivation lacking
Not yet a decoration
Save a wooden soldier at his station

I stop and wonder why the rush
Will Christmas be delayed
If all the trimmings fail to march
In perfect promenade
Is it not right to celebrate
The perfect gift of love
His presence on the earth
To that stable from above

As long as He is in my heart
I praise Him every day
So if outward glitter doesn’t shine
Know that inside it lights my way.

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That Monumental One

Snow falling

Prayers rising

One flake at a time yet many simultaneously

Quickly builds deep layers

One prayer at a time yet many hearts united in purpose

Builds deep-rooted faith

Hope sometimes is seen one moment at a time

But moments build hours, days, then years

It all starts with one

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Empty, Full or Satisfied

“The full soul loathes a honeycomb, but to the hungry every bitter thing is sweet.” Pr 27:6


Rain falls on parched land

The sound of it comforts

Healing and restoring all that is withered

It quiets my restless soul

Rain beats down on sated land

Pouring into streets

Rushing its way into houses

As foundations crumble

And rooms are stained

With remnants of too-soon memories

The same rain heals and destroys

Is there not one who does not need healing

The place God is found so all else can go


Five Minute Friday








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I wrote this back in the late 90’s, long before poetry was a real thought in my life. never gave it a title. I must do that soon)

I give you naught, I give you all

The strength I have, ’tis makes me fall

You are not mine like once believed

But I am thine, thyself to please

Waters run deep can take your life

Or carry you beyond all strife

I fought the waves, endurance lost

To walk before you at all cost

Who knows to where your hand will lead

I have no voice to defend me

My ears are deaf but to the call

Nothing to give, I give you all

And should I make my bed in hell

O Savior, there you choose to dwell

And drape your skirt of grace on me

I’m covered for eternity


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Those fleeting moments that squeeze in between the hard realities, the heartaches, the burdens and the weary journey called life.

It’s the sweet taste among the savory and salty
The beauty of a blue sky
The whisper of a breeze
Laughter from a heart
Freedom of a bird in flight
A sunrise
A sunset
An embrace from a friend
Understanding in the silence

So much happiness there is to be found in a troubled world. Turn your eyes outward and upward to see it and towards God to believe it.


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Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”.
Oh, is this world in trouble! It doesn’t seem to dissipate as time continues. We try to help each other in every way we can and so often it looks like a losing battle. From personal, to relational, to community, to national, to global, it is like trying to hold back the ocean’s tide.
Is God’s promise not true? Is He very present? Yes, I believe He is. He sees all and He wants us to see Him and derive our help and strength from Him.
What we need is revival. What we need is repentance. What we need is the humility to ask for help. We have proven many times over that our problems are above us. We need to seek help from Him who is also above.
Free writing five minutes on “help”
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