Those fleeting moments that squeeze in between the hard realities, the heartaches, the burdens and the weary journey called life.

It’s the sweet taste among the savory and salty
The beauty of a blue sky
The whisper of a breeze
Laughter from a heart
Freedom of a bird in flight
A sunrise
A sunset
An embrace from a friend
Understanding in the silence

So much happiness there is to be found in a troubled world. Turn your eyes outward and upward to see it and towards God to believe it.


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Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”.
Oh, is this world in trouble! It doesn’t seem to dissipate as time continues. We try to help each other in every way we can and so often it looks like a losing battle. From personal, to relational, to community, to national, to global, it is like trying to hold back the ocean’s tide.
Is God’s promise not true? Is He very present? Yes, I believe He is. He sees all and He wants us to see Him and derive our help and strength from Him.
What we need is revival. What we need is repentance. What we need is the humility to ask for help. We have proven many times over that our problems are above us. We need to seek help from Him who is also above.
Free writing five minutes on “help”
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God breathed in man, creating life

We breathe, creating our next moment

I am not a problem with no solution

God creates solutions and widens my capacity to step into them

God is not stagnant water

He is a river of life

God created me to create in me

To magnify Him,the creator of me

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A Clean Place

We are told to build…
Build my self-esteem
Build my business
Build my relationships
Build my confidence

Sometimes we have to tear down…
Tear down my defenses
Tear down my opinions
Tear down my pride
Tear down my prejudice

Start building afresh on a new slate

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When I Get To Heaven

When I get to heaven I’m going to see that hope was always surrounding me, but my eyes were dim while I was here on earth, and I didn’t see all I was worth.

When I get to heaven I’m going to know that truth was dwelling in my soul, and all I needed to do was use it, and I’ll wonder why I didn’t always choose it.

When I get to heaven and my foe is revealed, I’ll finally realize his fate was sealed and God always was head and he always the tail, and wonder why I couldn’t let truth prevail.

Here we see through a glass that is cloudy and dim, and persuasion and influence so often win, but hope and truth and mercy still reign, so I keep on believing and I am sustained

Hope goes beyond happy, it goes deeper than joy, hope is the reason why I endure. Hope delayed may make the heart sick, but delay is postponing, it doesn’t mean quit.

Time has an end, eternity none. Jesus came to redeem, He’s God’s only son. Through Him this hope will lead you to heaven. Without Him in death your hope will be severed.

So don’t look at my trials and think all hope is lost. True discipleship may require a cost. Jesus said to have life count everything loss. The ultimate price was already paid on the cross.

When I get to heaven I’ll know as I ought, but I’m not there yet, I’m still being taught. Still learning to love, to  forgive and to grow, and to trust in this Savior who  keeps loving me so.

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Heeding to Her Highness

Abby sat lopsided in the middle

Aloof, Abby sat lopside

Waiting, Abby didn’t flinch

Irritated, yet remaining calm

Without speaking a word

Able to hear her thoughts

I stroked her fur


-Today’s prompt…Take a poem in a foreign language and translate it according to its look or sounds of the words. Kind of strange, but..Here is the poem…

Den halvfärdiga himlen

Modlösheten avbryter sitt lopp.                                                       Ångesten avbryter sitt lopp.

Gamen avbryter sin flykt.

Det ivriga ljuset rinner fram,
även spökena tar sig en klunk.

Och våra målningar kommer i dagen,
våra istidsateljéers röda djur.

And I finished! 30 days, 30 poems! I may have missed one or two.

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Things That Won’t Go Away

I remember….

A happy time

Ice cream cones dripping down my fingers as we climbed into the backseat after a day at the beach/the pavement burning my bare feet to embed the memory.

Drive-in movies/all in pajamas with popcorn, falling asleep, never seeing the ending

Stuck in the back seat with three on the way to Nebraska/singing songs to make the time go by/not being able to sleep/sweat and breath too close/miles of cornfields. No a/c, no GPS/no Apple.

A sad time

The first family split/he’s going off to college/others marry, splitting atoms and reproducing

It’s all disturbing/They called it growth/to me it was invasive and erosive/I didn’t connect those words then.

A time of understanding

In process.

We never would fit in the backseat again.

You see, I wasn’t finished.

-Today’s prompt…things you remember that connect you. Poetry sometimes is sad. Day 29 NaPoWiMo. net.

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