Retired Hunter

Feathers in the wind take no lead
Gently fall on worn and tired dogs
Who pay no mind as to where are
Unsuspecting birds in flight, a very
Quiet kiss stirs memories of when they did outsmart the prompt is a golden shovel. Take the line of a poem and use the words in order, each as the last line of your poem. ( I know I could have said that better). This one more a challenge for me, so I stuck with the dogs.
The line I chose is “Lead dogs are very smart”

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Unexpected Journey

While we abide in dreams
Poison sweeps
Secretly wrought, unearthed
Shameless and silent

While we abide in fear
Dreams sever
Smoking stench of
What may have been

While we abide in hope
Resistance gathers
New life birthed
A rising dawn
Now abides in me Monday Quadrille. I cannot resist them, so scratched this one out. I hope it makes sense. It does to me.
The word is abide and I was intrigued with the three definitions, one of which I did not know.

“Abide is a verb with three distinct definitions. The first one is, “accept or act in accordance with,” such as a rule, decision or recommendation. The second one is, “be unable to tolerate,” someone or something. The third is, “continue without fading or feeling lost” in regards to a feeling or memory.”

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A Light Effect

Her beach walk was at midnight
Moon and stars her only light

She came across a sand castle
She thought a life with no hassle

Morning dawned and hid the stars
A blazing sun revealed scars

While darkness lured her to a pledge
Now she sees a cliff’s edge

A stretch of sand under the moon
Can be a Sahara Desert’s rune

Be wary of light that only appeases
More than one is beguiled by a brain teaser

Linking up with (Thursday open link) and Linda Kruschke Paint Chip Poetry.

Today’s theme comes from page 154 of volume 1 of 1000 Quotable Poems. The theme poem title is “The Country Faith” by Norman Gal. You have these seven paint chip words and phrases to work with: brain teaser, midnight, beach walk, dumpling, castle, cliff’s edge, and Sahara. Please use at least five of these in your poem. For extra bonus points, write your poem in rhyming couplets.

I managed to use 6 words and in rhyming couplets.

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Painted on her dreams she spied
Parades of kings seated high
Proudly one did catch her glance
Prison lured her to his trance
Palettes of color now run
Peaceful hues now look like one
Placid she is stuck in mud We are to write a Pleiades Poem. 1 word title, 7 lines, each 7 syllables beginning with the first letter of the title.

I was going to write about the stars, but didn’t. Just a little light fun instead, on a busy day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in U.S.

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Fury’s Restraint

A visit ended on a satisfied note, and I began the 45 minute drive home. My mind churning and tires turning, I paid the toll booth fare, set my speed on cruise control and off I went.. About 15 minutes passed and the painting canvas stretched above me careened quickly from crisp cerulean blue to a rinsed, dirty gray. By the time I reached my exit, it was black as night and I was fighting against sheer winds and rain.

No forecast was predicted. I saw limbs scattered and floods forming. Now, at a slow, circumspect pace, all prior thoughts escaped. I turned the corner of my street. A tree was sitting across the top of a car. What about my house? There were two maples on the sidewalk in front, and one in my yard. My back yard was filled with pines, and a gingko tree was on one side.. I looked across the street at my neighbor’s. A Maple uprooted. I turned Into my driveway. Every tree in its place. The next four days we were without power. I don’t remember but I think it was early spring. We lost some food.

The following day we drove around and saw the devastation. I was in awe of all the wind took. Now, years later, I am in awe of all it could not claim.

Unnwelcome spring guest
Offers neither peace nor song
Even a storm yields

Kim at says
This week, I would like you to write about a time when you last watched stars, a storm, the sea, an animal, or something else in nature that left you with a sense of wonder or awe. Aim to write no more than three tight paragraphs, followed by a traditional haiku that includes reference to a season.

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My Heavenly Home

The antithesis of all my eyes behold
Cataracts glaze the surface of my soul
Among the bramble and the herb garden of sweet-savory scents
I walk and dream of where I have not been (no, not yet)

Like wheat fields I sway to the faintest breeze
Straining to see great plains beyond what these eyes see
An iron gate intimidates or offers a safe shelter
The owner alone decides who is and is not welcome

Graphite neutralizes every earth-shaking explosion
It pours through my veins in the muckle of undulations
Disarms and softens this grizzly, aging heart
Until the day this earth and I are gently torn apart

Linking with Linda Kruschke and Paint Chip Poetry. Linda says,

But for this week I’m still the pulling theme from a random page of a poetry book. This week the theme is from page 205 from a collection called Chiaroscuro: Darkness and Light. It’s an anthology of poems inspired by prompts posted at dVerse Poets Pub, including 2 I wrote.

Anyway, the theme poem is titled “The Painter” by Candace Kubinec. So today I want you to be the painter and create a vivid picture with words. Paint a place that we are either drawn to visit or afraid we’ll have to go to some day.the theme poem is titled “The Painter” by Candace Kubinec. So today I want you to be the painter and create a vivid picture with words. Paint a place that we are either drawn to visit or afraid we’ll have to go to some day.

And I want you to paint your picture with all 7 of these paint chip words and phrases: bramble, wheat fields, graphite, the Great Plains, grizzly, herb garden, and iron gate.

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All Never Lost

Embalmed Maples no longer bleed
Limbs frozen in time
We walk among November’s grief
Giving thanks
For a promise afore and aft A Jisei is a Japanese death poem.

Let us write our own Jisei. Write a haikai (haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, Gogyohka) or haikai-esque poem that reflects on imminent death—and the significance of life in light of it.

My poem is a Gogyohka, which is a 5-line poem.

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Through Sleepy Eyes

A soft gray evening sneaks up and wraps itself around me.
I am writing under a lamp, the sun now far from me
Not writing in the morning, as I usually do
The back side of a day gives my eyes a different view

Sleep dims these lids as I see moments now spent
I didn’t write my expectations so I know no relent
All I did and did not do was neither writ nor spoken
No evidence of oath–no promise broken

Snow squalls quickly came and went
Leaving not a trace
No plan was made–no pathways paved
Not even a footprint in any space

I thank God His eyes see more
Than these eyes of flesh can spy
And whether it be night or day
I’m still the apple of His eye Writing a poem about eyes. This came as I realized I was journaling tonight because I began my day running.

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Do You Have a Light?

Darkness (what hides there)
All we don’t know
Why so afraid to go

What can happen–
I might see you there (In caged captivity)

Anything else
I might find me
It won’t be scary

Carry a bright light
Oh the possibilities
Of starlit nights! quadrille time. Exactly 44 words excluding the title. The prompt word is possibility.

I wasn’t sure where to break the lines. I’m sure its possible.

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Instinct or Inspiration

Clothed in gingham checks
She lingers through a zephyr
Strong coffee feigns peace
A black widow takes her fill
Lovers don’t know what hit them

Linking up with Linda Kruschke and Paint chip Poetry and for Thursday open link night.

The theme this week comes from page 426 of A Treasury of Christian Poetry. It’s a poem called “Obedience.” Your challenge is to obediently follow my prompt rules. Or not. It’s up to you, as usual.

The paint chip words and phrases are starship, zephyr, slow, black widow, coffee, lemonade, and sunny-side up. I want you to pick two or three, and no more, of these words and phrases and write a tanka. That means you get a total of 31 syllables written in lines of 5/7/5/7/7.

Translate as you will. I learned zephyr has two meanings. 1. a gentle breeze, and 2. gingham cotton fabric.

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