When Words Fall


All the words she ever said
All she heard…
All she read…
Suddenly falling down
Like loose ends
No pattern
Upside down
Words that shaped her
Now distorting her
She had no control
She tried catching them—
They jammed in her throat
She could no longer speak.
All she learned
In school
Her generation
No longer exists.
It was hard enough for
One like me to learn!
And conform!
But changes
Twist and contort
Words she relied on
Turned to deceive
And called us ignorant
Words lost their meaning
And left her
In syllables
That no longer rhyme
Now mute
She listens
To no audible voice
Reduced to faith
She silently walks
And offers no explanation.


dVerse prompt. Is back to school. Remembering the days of school. Apologies here as I did not keep with the prompt, exactly. But I did sprinkle the essence of learning and then losing what we fought hard for.

Also linking this to //http://medium.com/tqhousecatmom

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A Box Unopened

Me with
A box wrapped
With ribbons and bows
Seamless edges so tightly sealed
Tell me not to open it
Should I dare cherish the outside more
Let me believe love within is greater than
Dazzling show….I will relish in the dream


No matter how many walls you take down
You will never destroy them all
No matter how many walls you build up
For every prey there is a predator
Boxes within boxes
Without…no secrets can be kept
With…our love must have wings


dVersepoetspub.com Today is quadrille Monday…44 word poem. Prompt word is Box.  I thought of two, so I wrote two.

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A Royal Fare


In celebration of Nat’l Rice Pudding Day

I made the rice pudding
Sweet, creamy,
Raisins and cinnamon
I read the history
And each mouthful
Took me back
To a time I never realized
I was a pauper
Being fed
As a queen
I wonder
Would it have made a difference?

I still have my head…


dVersepoetspub.com prompt is to write a poem about one of the celebrated “national” days. August 9 is National hand holding day, World’s indigenous peoples day, book lovers day, rice pudding day, and National Polka day.
Since I love rice pudding, hate the stuff in the store and have been wanting to make it now for some time, I finally found a reason and some motivation.
Seems it goes back to the Tudor Era with King Henry.

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Separate Dreams

I see you only in my dreams
The place you come alive
A shame you can’t come with me
To see the unseen


Tuesday at dVerse. Exploring the unseen.

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The Raw War

War does two things. It robs the future of it’s potential while it opens doors for what is possible. The 5 ton Atom bomb the United States dropped on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945 took 80,000 people instantly and tens of thousands more in the next few weeks. Yes, we ended the war, a victory for sure, but an ending to any war is the beginning of so many more. And the effects ripple into the future generations.
No, I wasn’t there, so I can’t speak of the sudden impact of death and deafening screams. I can imagine what it must have been like, but I cannot embody that same fear, pain and devastation. The closest one to me who knew anything about the ravage of war could not tell. He never was released completely from his captivity. So those he loved suffered…my own war began.
I hear the threats of retaliation still between nations, while at the same time hear them memorialize and remember  to never forget that we want peace. Is that not irony?
Bombs bursting in air
Paint the future in shrapnel
Dusk is Winter’s gray

dVersepoetspub.com it is haibun Monday. 1 to 3 paragraphs of prose followed with a haiku. Today is the 73 anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima., marking the end of WW11.
An effort in writing what I don’t completely understand.
I didn’t want to bail.
I cannot get this to space correctly!
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Expressed Ambiguity

I’m learning the rules….
Now they want me to break the rules!
What then of me?
It rains in summer
when we have planned for sun
I can’t trust the seasons (or now,you…)

dVersepoetspub,com Bjorn wants us to consider enjambment and punctuation in poetry. Poetic license, I would say. I tried. Would appreciate kind and constructive feedback.

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Of All The Senses

We silence what we don’t want to hear…

We feel

We see

We smell

We speak

The pain comes…

We hurt

We lack understanding

We choke

We ramble

Life has no rhyme lest we listen and hear

Perhaps It’s the one we should use the most


dVersepoetspub.com is considering “silence” today in poetry form. He mentions Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence”, one of my favorite artists and songs of my growing up years. I just considered all of the senses as I wrote this.

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