Eyes Wide Open

Genetics are a ghastly observation

I penned what I believed a humble telling

What came it seemed a verbal reprehension

I felt the words a killing

Somehow knew I’d be just as willing

To mind said I at once”Do you have friends?”

Oh, to see yourself in someone else’s pen!


dVersepoetspub.com prompt today is Chaucerian stanza or rhyme royal. In short, seven lines with rhyme scheme ababbcc.




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A Single Girl’s Fridge

What’s that she sees
A bed of moss
Atop of slimy soupy stock
And half a sandwich now gone stale
An open can of flat ginger ale
She smells a stench
May start her pukin’
She never got around to cookin’
Oh tonight she’s got a dinner date
Cleanin’ now will make her late
She shuts the door cause she’s not willin’
For anything right now but chillin’

dVersepoetspub.com prompt…just chillin’ with a poem about the fridge.



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Eyes of Faith





When I change how I see

To how God sees

When darkness becomes a backdrop

For light to shine

When I look beyond hate

All humanity is capable of, even me

I will see hope surviving all on its own


Love this prompt, it is a subject I treasure…hope. dVersepoetspub.com

A quadrille…exactly 44 words.


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Integrity Anyone?

I break pattern
Time don’t care
No stop for nobody
A promise what?
Without me you continue
Dust settles
Only to be trampled
Rhyme or no
Just sticks to the page

Couldn’t pass up trying, sorry. Challenge is “breaking the rules, grammar or no”. Hope it makes some sense to someone. Well, it does to me. Does it fit the prompt? Someone please tell me…


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Nature, No Apology

Stinkbugs and beetles, no shoes on their feet, crawl over silver polished ground, their own deep frozen world seeking out warm shelter. They don’t mourn the death of our flowers and crops. Our loss is their wake. “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Eccl. 3:1
Frosty sliced apples
Under warm nutmeg syrup
A seasons blending

Haibun Monday at dVesepoetspub.com – prompt is first frost

May take A break for a while, prayers needed, thank you.


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Sing Me to Sleep

The moon and stars take their shift
And stands guard while sun and earth sleep
Babies hear lullabies
And they sleep
Small children hear stories with happy endings
And they sleep
Teens hear music and media
And they sleep less
Adults hear the news
And they stress
The elderly hear less
And nights are their days
No one sleeps anymore
We need more lullabies or music of the sky

dVersepoetspub.com prompt sleep



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In The Spectrum

If I blend
Will I be invisible?
If I stand apart,
Too loud?
Do I choose
To be my own
Or part of a crowd?
The colors of the rainbow
Placed ‘tween rain and sun
Is both the primary and the blend
Together making one
If blue and green make turquoise
Or red sets off a flame
Each hue is God’s creation
And He knows each by name
What will be the difference
In this choice you will make
Is how your color compliments
And paints another’s space


Using my birthstone word …turquoise

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