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Broken yet completeUnyielding while resilientShattered in placeI’m in a glass case of emotionLike raindrops on fallen petalsI cling and glisten in the sunEvery piece uniqueMore beautiful than the whole Tuesday “movie lines” i chose “I’m in a glass case … Continue reading

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Floral Moon

My daughter had the audacity to remind me Christmas is only six months away. Everything in me cringed. Didn’t that just happen, like yesterday? Yes, Christmas is great when it’s in front of me. She already is complaining about the … Continue reading

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Teach What You Can’t Do

He asked me to dance, maBut I’ve two left feetWe swayed in a trance, maI couldn’t count the beatHe wouldn’t take a no, maI was too shy to retreatNow I’m caught in his spell, maMy private hell, maFollowed and fell, … Continue reading

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Labor and Birth of a Poet

Silent syllables  Buried deep Rot under impervious Ace bandages Hope ferreted Gently unwound those rags Bleeding words Splattered everywhere Like red flags Blood dried to ink Wounds breathed Life to share Of Him whose Hands and feet still bear Scars that set her free   Linking to A quadrille … Continue reading

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True Colors

The scarlet letter is an AMorals–an ever-changing sceneHush! Cover everything with jadeCarefully word your next tiradeGod’s grace alone makes a heart clean Linking with Linda Kruschke paint chip poetry. QUINTILLA (quin-teé-yuh) Spanish five-line stanza containing eight syllables per line and … Continue reading

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Proud Mama

Dusk waits longer in springShowing off new lifeMother earth’s babies open link night. Poem of choice.

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My Eyes See Blue

An innocent blue sky canopies the earthGray clouds infiltrate, silently taking all captiveA covert operation Blue ice sparkles in sunlightBait for the unsuspectingStunning yet dangerous Beware blue eyes most of allThey burn hotter than flames of redSearing every side Forget-me-nots … Continue reading

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Outside her window a Mockingbird chatters, from staccato, to one long even note, and then even a piercing screech. At first she finds it musical, then amusing. Soon she finds it distracting and annoying. She slams the window shut, craving … Continue reading

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The Poet in Me

Must we contendWord to wordRhyme to rhymeSword to sword Can we be friendsEnd this gameConfess a candleNeeds a flameWithout eitherNo one would see A pigment of imaginationIs your denial of realityI need youAs you need me Tuesday prompt Ingrid … Continue reading

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A Point to Everything

I learned to separate pins and needlesOne has an eye while the other a headOne holds the fabric and one pulls the thread Be careful to harmonize, don’t homogenize the twoQuicksand lies still till its victims accrueBut who can resist … Continue reading

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