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What Writers Don’t Know

We wandered through the thrift storeSearching for a treasureSomething to remind usOf this day we spent together Season in transitionCooler days bid cozy garbWe were far from the familiarSurely something fabulousWould jump right in my arms But like the gray … Continue reading

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Get out of the Way

I took down one of the feeders today. I haven’t seen a hummingbird in a couple weeks. Of course I’m not home all day so maybe they came. I left one hanging just in case. As September ushers out summer … Continue reading

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Seasonal Alignment

My eyes close with the turning sunSummer takes a nap her day doneI sleep right through my morning run Entranced I miss the miraclePulse of creation’s spiracleFall prey to ruse satiricalUnaware of life in half-time Day unfolds as sun awakensLike … Continue reading

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Overflowing Fruit

MemoriesPast, present and futureWhat I tasteTastes like homeWhat I yieldIs from what I’ve sownAll before meLeads me forwardTo my destinyWaiting for me Tuesday prompt. Poetics in season. Write a poem about a fruit that evokes a memory, or write … Continue reading

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Time to Linger

Some move at another’s paceTrip over air and spaceIs time a vortex?Is it a vacuum?Eternity stretches beyond each endCups of coffee blend friendsI can no longer run your raceIt’s my turn to lingerYour turn to wait Monday quadrille. Poem … Continue reading

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You Choose

People often don’t knowIf I’m coming or goingFront and rearBoth seem to appearIf I try to conformTo the image in your mindYou may end up regrettingWhat you findLook deep in the mirrorDo you really want two?I’m learning what not to … Continue reading

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Shadows shift and squeeze the reins on summerSlowly seduced by sleep flies linger longerI think one less fly won’t matterIt’s in my wayOh, its purpose greater than my demeanor?Can I transfer my wordsTo this chaotic worldAs I hear the incessant … Continue reading

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Rome apples, coarse, blemished, unsprayed, fell straight from her tree. I was grateful for the gift. I roughly cut them into asymmetrical chunks, tossing the good into the bowl. A few frozen wild blueberries from last summer’s yield thrown in, … Continue reading

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Season Transitions

Sitting under the apple tree I dream As leaves drift lazily rocked downward bound Summer latches onto lullaby’s beam Mesmerized to the bidding of the ground A breeze jostles me i wake to my task Unlike the seasons I must … Continue reading

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Rhythmic Waves

Rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, pondsI follow them through bramble and wooded trailsI trace their edges with my eyesWatery autonomy with no outletOceans call me to where I have lassoed my signature on rocky shores, markings of hues and shades of … Continue reading

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