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Season’s Walk Their Own Pace

For me, walking with a friend is entertaining. Walking alone is solemnity. I need both extremes. The last day of April is cold and raw. I walked to the cemetery, right close to my house. I can walk in circles … Continue reading

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Beware of the Cheater’s Hand

I shall give no praise Not even glint or glance To one who deceives Forlorn souls into trance Of hypnotic delusion   I once let him shuffle His cards with beguile Unaware of His Insidious Intent to defile But now … Continue reading

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Mother and Child

I am stuck I feel confined Restless Inattentive Disillusioned Every turn a wall While I go through motions I am here But I am there Confined Imprisoned By your side Till you are free  

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Sense(able) Ties

Precious are the friendships carved and seen in rhyme Syllables we hear in our own perspective time Fragrance lingers long as each memory rekindles Scintillating flavors carrying each other to their prime Offering this to both sites, dVersepoetspub,com and napowrimo. … Continue reading

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Today’s Label on Me

  Proceed with caution Tread lightly You are in a hurting heart zone Temporary symptoms may occur Shards of razor sharp words Uncontrolled currents of tears Sullen stretches of silence Hazardous but not lethal Large doses of prayer and words … Continue reading

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I Am Me, But Am I Also You?

Years unfold the mystery of my ancestors My ever-aging body reveals them My voice mimics them My actions reflect them The small frame of my father Underneath the heavy-laden weight Of his hidden-insoluble burdens I feel him when my face … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasure

We gather at the table We pray We eat We talk We laugh Careful not to get caught In the unconscious undertow Funny thing Tragedy can bring you closer than a celebration A drawstring pulling hearts In one continuous strand … Continue reading

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