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Easy as it Looks?

A moon walk takes some special shoesThey wouldn’t work on earthRisk losing my vintage turquoise jewelry?It was given me at birth I stepped into a puddle and thought I’m just a little wetBoy did I get scolded when they saw … Continue reading

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Symphony of Seduction

Prism splits into a spectrum of scintillating rays / beguiledI sing colors / sway to erratic tones / bleached and buffed sky numbs my senses/ A constant drone void of melody /Tangerine sun bursts with sweetness /Spilling over / a … Continue reading

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Retired Hunter

Feathers in the wind take no leadGently fall on worn and tired dogsWho pay no mind as to where areUnsuspecting birds in flight, a veryQuiet kiss stirs memories of when they did outsmart the prompt is a golden shovel. … Continue reading

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Unexpected Journey

While we abide in dreamsPoison sweepsSecretly wrought, unearthedShameless and silent While we abide in fearDreams severSmoking stench ofWhat may have been While we abide in hopeResistance gathersNew life birthedA rising dawnNow abides in me Monday Quadrille. I cannot resist … Continue reading

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