The Angle of an Eye

Some see it as a nuisance
Others view an opportunity
School children see it as rest
Still some encounter a malady
Snow always falls differently
Fluffy and light
Dense and heavy
Those who never have seen
Only in pictures dream
A river is new each day
Who observes beyond the mundane
Penguins in a waddle
Each know their mate
And we wonder how it be
Perhaps the teaching
Lies in poetry
A way some learn to see for Thursday. Open link night. Any poem of choice. This will be my last for a week or two. Taking a much needed break. I will return and be peeking at your poetry in the meantime.

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Embers And Ashes

Singed, curled edges
Eyes weep
Smiles drown
Flames of fire
Burn hot
Ashes only
Left to cool
We sweep them away
While memories remain
In tact considering the word fire. Whether by tragedy or intent, memory is branded hotter into our minds.

Poem #2

Two Fires

Uncontrolled fire
Melts and burns
Every whit
Till ember turns to ash
Gallon upon gallon
Seems like spit
Lapped up
On dry ground
A Paradise lost
We weep

Holy Spirit’s fire seeks
Burnt out
Faintly breathing
A tiny spark
Of light and life
Ignites within
A Paradise regained
We hope


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Waiting’s Rewards

Why did I never understand?
Why did I have to wait so long?
Who had such a hold of my dreams
Never letting them go?

Shall I blame myself
For being so blind?
Who in this universe
Brings light that we may see

Worms feel the dust as they go
Even they with no eyes
Sense light and darkness
Nourishing the soil
No one blames them for their toil
But we have eyes
Still blind

A laser beam of hope
A flicker to follow
All around what I see
Is fermenting stench
Breaking me

A glimmer within
Shows me my sin
I never knew
Knowledge is power
Holy Spirit power
Unleashed by true light

Now I see even me
I am the same as you
That flicker I follow
Now a beacon
Now I see hope in my sorrow
Grabbing hope’s light
I am new
I see Him also in me
Keep turning toward light
Till every shadow is gone

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After The Waiting

One holiday, this year celebrated twice; friends, then family, now done. The leftovers are packed, the dishes washed and put away. A part of us is glad it is over. Another part wonders why it ended so quickly. We planned and waited for it. Now we plan and wait for the next one. In a flash, that one too will be a memory. It is our memories that propel us to hope in the future. Either to improve upon them or reproduce them.

Rain hums and wind sings
We sleep to the sounds and dream
Sun paints Autumn skies

Monday haibun at the word is waiting. A haibun is one to three tight paragraphs of prose followed by a haiku. Just wrapping up a long, busy weekend, so this one is short.

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First things first

First unwrap my soul
It is where you find my desire
Unwrap my mind
Ignite a fire
To only unwrap my flesh
Is to sink us both in mire


dVerse prompt is to explore identity and desire. I am adding another here.

Who I Am

I identify with Him
And everything He says is who I am
I identify with Him
My desire is towards Him and His plan
When He unwraps my soul
In naked light
Though it may frighten me
He holds me tight
And all that I believe
Is brought to light
Exposing all the lies
Shadows hide

My heart is deeper than this flesh can hold
Though blood that pumps is worth much more than gold
Surgeon’s tools can only fix what’s seen
Christ knows my heart
And reaches far beyond and in between
The fragments of a torn and ravaged dream

Whatever you may tell me who you be
I am convinced of my own identity
In that place alone I am free

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Basic Instinct

Spoiled in the sun
Every yen and fancy
Came her way

Spurned as a child
He, silenced by all
Aging fruit sweetens in decay

Bears to the beehive
Moths to a flame
A spoiler to decelerate—
Avoid the crash!





dVerse prompt for quadrille Monday is spoil. Playing with this word, there are three meanings here. Gotta have fun with words!


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A Moment To Ponder

What is it of first snow
Starting in the night
The season crumpling
Before its last pages read—

I resign to unsettled sleep ..z..zz..z…

Now in light snowdrops still fall
Silently covering what I left undone
Snow…mercy in perfect time

Open link night at Yes, our first snow is falling. These mixed feelings surface once again, among them, the word mercy comes. I will ponder on that for awhile.


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