A Slice of Spice

Scintillating evidence that draws you full into the present
Promoting your senses, rising them to a new level
Illuminating and reviving sleeping fibers of your soul
Casting light and imagination deep into dark places
Extracting the extraordinary from the mundane,
Add spice to everything!


Prompt is to write a quadruple (44 word poem) using the word or derivative of “spice”.  I wrote an acrostic with my own definitions. It was fun!

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A season’s herald

Oaks die in glory shouting

Conifers stand still


Open link with Dversepoetspub.com.  A haiku




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You ask “Why?”
Why not “ Why not?”
Who are we anyways
That life shouldn’t happen?
I should be spared?
Could I then see mercy?

Does not the silver spoon tarnish?

The prompt at dVersepoetspub.com is to write a poem of questions. An optional answer at the end.

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download (1)It starts to sprinkle and I don’t mind walking in it. It refreshes me on a hot, humid day. That is how poetry began, one here, one there, and not in close proximity. I mean, maybe a dozen or so over many years. Each one came so unexpectedly, and seemed to fit the situation I was in at the time, and each one was about my faith. Then in April, 2013 I was challenged to write a poem a day for the month. 30 poems in 30 days. And to my surprise, I did, following prompts. And it continued, no longer sprinkling, but a steady rain. And it is how I share my faith, short, simple, hoping it will bring refreshment to a weary soul.

A Spring rain falling
Flowers wake the earth with hue
And I awaken

Writing the prompt on dVersepoetsbar.com
Why and what I write.

Picture taken of the columbine in my garden last year.

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Kaleidescopes see every fragmented view
Labyrinths pave out our way
An ocean’s temperment carryies us to despair or a safe shore
Stirred up dust and clay in constant need

But there is a Savior who catches us as we ask

A real challenge this poem, Metaphors, which I have always struggled with.

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Every One Matters

One raindrop’s journey
Silently it falls, reined in
reigned over, complete

dVersepoetspub prompt. Use any form of “rain, rein and reign” in a poem wth a positive end. I imagined a single drop submitting willingly to create a whole. I like haikus.

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Letting Go

She weaved and wrapped her body around her
Unsuspecting victim and as allurement and
Pursuit made way to tensity…
SUDDEN CAPTIVITY! If one only loosened it’s grip,
The snake would have done likewise.

Freedom comes when I set free
Truth then will catch me

Prompt at dVersepoetspub.com
A quadrille. A 44 word poem. Theme is free.

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