Symphony of Seduction

Prism splits into a spectrum of scintillating rays / beguiled
I sing colors / sway to erratic tones / bleached and buffed sky numbs my senses/

A constant drone void of melody /
Tangerine sun bursts with sweetness /
Spilling over / a flirtatious fantasia/

A note out of tune/an obscure shade / distorts the imagination /
True love is not measured in human sensation Once again, not sure if this fit the bill, but here it is.
The writing challenge: Today we will incorporate music in our poem from the perspective of a synesthete. Create your own Symphony. Infuse your musical experience when listening to a band, artist or musical genre, with colors, sounds & textures. Write a song filled with colors.
Joni wrote these brilliant, timeless lyrics. Her voice is an effortless song in itself.

About Mary (tqhousecat)

I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.
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10 Responses to Symphony of Seduction

  1. Grace says:

    Her voice is classic. I love how you captured the colors, melody,sweetness and fantasia of her music.


  2. robtkistner says:

    Strong Mary, and deep. Well written!


  3. rothpoetry says:

    Very nice Mary Filled with emotion!


  4. calmkate says:

    seductive indeed, Joni is the best … one of the two live concerts I went too! She exceeded all expectations … thanks for this lovely tribute


  5. Lucy says:

    I am feeling like a synesthete from your words. So vivid, beautiful, visceral and captivating!


  6. “Tangerine sun bursts with sweetness” nice! I like how all the colors and sensations meld together to seduce in a symphony of beautiful colors.


  7. Ingrid says:

    You’ve touched on the immeasurable here which I think is what music does, and your writing does the same: beautiful!


  8. kim881 says:

    Rob, you and I have created a trio of Joni poems, Mary, al different. I love the way you use alliteration and colour to create your poetic symphony, Mary. I especially love ‘ bleached and buffed sky numbs my senses’ and ‘Tangerine sun bursts with sweetness’, and the final line is so true.


  9. This is a lot like sitting really listening deeply to music…


  10. sanaarizvi says:

    I am literally swooning right now! 😀 Especially love; “A constant drone void of melody/Tangerine sun bursts with sweetness/Spilling over/ a flirtatious fantasia.”💝💝


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