Hear the Hum

I hear the hum of my heater, telling me it is still working, and I am warm. I hear the hum of my car, not too loud, so I know I am safely travelling to my destination. I don’t concentrate too closely on either of these sounds, yet if neither were present, the silence would perhaps become intimidating and reason enough to ask questions. Coldness would slowly pull off my blanket and I would not be going forward or backward.

I hear the humming of words in the back seat of my mind while I function in my covert occupations. I am caregiver, wife, mother, friend, church parishioner, part-time dog walker and each one of these involve my utmost attention. But….in the undertone, beneath the surface, the voice of the Spirit I hear is saying “This is the way, walk ye in it.” It hums and I keep writing.

Winter is leaving
I can hear the hum of Spring
Beneath frozen ground

dVerse prompt Tuesday is the hum. What is the hum the poet hears, while doing all else that you do? What is your underlying motivation?


About Mary (tqhousecat)

I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on medium.com. My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.
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18 Responses to Hear the Hum

  1. robtkistner says:

    The hum of life, eonderfully expressed in this haibun Mary. And the haiku celebrates the promise of Spring, now delivered on this day of the Spring Equinox. Enjoy!

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  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    It is good to have the voice of the Spirit showing the way.

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  3. I can clearly hear the voice… the hum or your life is maybe what makes it possible.

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  4. “I hear the humming of words in the backseat of my mind”. Thank you, Mary. Distraction is a sneaky tool by the devil and can deter me even when I am not aware. I needed this today.

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  5. Gina says:

    i like how your haibun flows, mentioning the hum and also absence of, this is a different look at the principle of poetic hum and even more relevant, your second stanza completes your journey, the background hum is strong because it is one you can wholly depend on. a perfect spring awakening haiku Mary. thank you for writing for the prompt, I really appreciate your thoughts and your message.

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  6. Truedessa says:

    Yes, follow the voice of the spirit it will take you to new places.

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  7. Such a resonant undertone.

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  8. V.J. Knutson says:

    Always a hum. Nicely written.

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  9. Lovely piece. Stunning haiku.

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  10. shanyns says:

    Great. I totally get the hum we don’t pay attention to but the silence that would be loud.


  11. Grace says:

    I like that you are always listening to the hum of the Spirit. And yes, I can hear the hum of spring coming along.


  12. Elizabeth says:

    beautiful haiku. we hear many sounds, but we must listen to the ones that only we can listen.

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