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Cues of a Muse

Amassing words Boil in a frenzy One on top of another Illusory bursts Slow to a simmer Bottleneck Engines idling in wait Even tempered Aromatic appetite Thickens Extract the good All worth the wait Open link night at  A … Continue reading

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Sight Unseen

look around What do I see? Fragmented light I listen close What do I hear? Rustling dissonance I speak What comes forth? Syllabic ellipsis The invisible within the visible Is where my faith resides I hope against all hope In … Continue reading

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This has lately been an ever growing question and dilemma as I am working on a project that envelops the very subject of solitude. I so appreciate the space to place my developing thoughts. Why can one find such a … Continue reading

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Finding resolve

Lord when will you change your artist’s palette Gone with gray…e’en turn the hue of rabbit Toss me flowers…confetti at my feet My vote for Spring cast in open ballot E’en as I wait and watch the darkness creep And … Continue reading

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