Stay on the Winning Side

Wielding (s)words are weapons
Silence cuts deep
Awakening old wounds
festering the fresh and tender

Evil banters between minds
clearing a playground
Tilling the soil
In wait for what we render

Vulnerability proves I’m weak
A stage lures a roleplay
Simmering flavors blend
Like oregano and cumin

Remnants of a fallen crown
Like ants whose nest is splintered
In frenzy
Take advantage that I’m human

As a playwright edits script
To reach a certain end
Characters receive their part
Rehearsing till they know

The final war has been won
I can play each side
Listening to the fallen
Or take my stand
Beside the victor’s throne



Glo/ day 16. A day behind. Today’s prompt fit into yesterdays efforts. Write a poem about some sort of game, child’s game or life game or mind games. My mind can be a playground.


About Mary (tqhousecat)

I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. I love Jesus and sharing my faith through written words. I currently have a poetry blog and also write on My main focus is hope in Christ. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused.
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