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My Earthly Heroes

Eyes that see for me Ears that hear for me Lips that speak for me Minds that teach me Hands that hold me Hearts that love me Heroes….all heroes of my world

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Only One Hero

Only one from age to age Can conquer all my earthly foes Darkness has no strength nor power When Christ is lifted on the throne Lucifer, His highest angel Minister of all heaven’s song Decided he could rise above But … Continue reading

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A Cold Burning

There is a fire A cold burning I feel the chills I create a cocoon of warmth But the ice is inside Unreachable I am not a worm That can morph Fever and chills Fire and ice There is a … Continue reading

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Every Little Drop

The storm has ceased A leftover spattering floats down Looking for empty spaces to fill Like a shaking of sugar from the bottom of the bag Leaving no waste Upward a foot  

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If it Were Me?

Would I have been in a boat Would I find you sleeping Aroused would you calm the sea Waves lying prostrate Gently rocked by the wind’s lullaby? Would I have lost a brother Could I wait four days To watch … Continue reading

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A Token I’ll Never Misplace

  I look into her face and see his features before me like a mirror reflecting a mirror. She doesn’t realize it. She is not to be compared to another. She is however, a token of one lost before her … Continue reading

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Harbingers of Spring

Harbingers of Spring The last two weeks of February we had a couple of 70° days, followed by cold rains. I hear there were sightings of bears. They were awakened early by the sun. Anything like me, I bet they … Continue reading

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Letter to God

Dear God, It is twilight, that hour between dusk and dark A transition for sun’s waning and moon’s resurgence A stillness in the air, street lights turning on Birds turning in, silent of their song But we don’t always notice … Continue reading

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