Art in Me

We can’t compare

What we do

I am me

You are you

I don’t ski

I don’t spin

Like to walk

Love to swim

Write no books

Movies nor plays

My poetry

Makes my say

I take words

Inside my head

Fit them so 

They can be read

When I think

I have no art

I take the mirror

All apart

Shards of lies

Silver glass

Distorted image

Gone at last

Past and present

Have to meet

Wipe out thoughts

That will defeat

Brighter light

Makes me see

Though darkness 

Will illumine me

In the balance

I will find

Who I am

Peace of mind

A labyrinth of

Treasures deep

Now awakened

From their sleep

As I learn

To guard my stance

My art within

Will be enhanced



About Mary (tqhousecat)

I am a wife and a mother of two grown children. Recently I have begun writing a couple of blogs. One poetry and one on hope. I only wish that whoever reads this will be blessed, inspired and occasionally amused. Soon to be added is another blog...writings on hope from a biblical perspective. Now it can be seen at please feel free to visit.
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