Yesterday’s Pictures

I feel the defiance and fierce determination

Eeking submission to have the picture taken

Child, adolescent, teen, a profound prophetic view

And as I touch the image I feel the awesome truth

But now the words I hear as adulthood draws so near

Are changing to a sweet fragrance

Like the smell of Spring’s fresh air


Prompt: describing something using at least 3 senses.


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What Am I?

I am full yet I am being constantly filled

I rise and fall yet my glory never changes

I can be still and violent at the same time

A wall of strength that armies can’t defeat me

Yet so much life continues on in stillness

I can make children dance while mothers fear

You cannot take of me to decrease me

But if you try to hold me you will surely drop me

And I just may disappear

Missed the prompt from yesterday.I’ll do that one another day.

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I know I am this

But I revert to that

So I act amiss

I used to be that

But now I am this

I don’t want to go back

I feel such a tug

To be what I am not

I just want a hug

So I can be what I am

And not what I’m not

Do you understand?


Prompt: ABA, BCB, etc..

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Sweet Sleep

What will I do with my day off If I should ever have one?

Where are the places I go in my dreams that I hate to awake from?

And who is with me or do I escape from all who would deter my direction?

Wouldn’t it be nice for just one time to have only my own reflection?

On the other hand wouldn’t it be grand to have one, yet one so rare?

Where there’d be no submittin’,striving to fit in, compromising here and there?

What if disguises, masks and surmises were something to never consider?

Isn’t it tiring, all this scrutinizing and challenging who is the quicker?

I may never know truly but I can return now to dream until the morning.


Prompt: Every line a question except the last one.


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A Declaration

Rainbow pallet in the sky

Arrows flames rushing by

confetti remnants fading as it falls

Thunder shouts for all to hear

And the crowds below look up

And the stars above look down

All in celebration on a summers night

Of a nation born


Prompt: Use one or more kennings (2 nouns which imaginatively describe a third thing)



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Every day a prompt

Every day a choice

Every day is opportune

For silence or for voice

Response is at one’s will

To either curse or bless

And that one will decide

To worry or to rest

And if you think I say it often

And it sounds like an offense

Please know it’s really only me

I’m trying to convince

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Loves dreams

Wine and love, intoxicating

One influences the other

Ah, I remember the days of wine and roses

But the wine wore off

And the roses withered and died

There must be more to real love

Wine will leave you whining

Where true love will leave you loving

Past the night into day’s dawning


The prompt. Write on love and wine, either pro or con

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