Still and Silent

still and silent, can I ever be?
An ongoing quest it seems to me
What would happen if I would ever become
Still and silent
Still and silent, how long could I last?
Till barriers are broken and sound is cast
With memories and questions bombarding through
Still and silent
Still and silent, I arise every morn
For that very reason before the days born
To sit and reflect and experience in peace
Still and silent
Still and silent I lie down in the night
hoping insomnia will somehow take flight
And all activity will evanesce into
Still and silent
Still and silent, might it not be allowed?
For what would we be if no thoughts were endowed
We would be no one and cease to exist if 
Still and silent
Still and silent? No, but maybe serene
And not so encumbered with playing the scene
But resting a bit and not striving to be 
Still and silent 
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Today my daughter has graduated

Today we see hope fulfilled

Today is where all the roads have led

Today we don’t ask why or why not

Today we don’t say if”

Today we don’t consider there may have been another way

Today we put our doubts behind us and look ahead

Today we realize that yesterday is today gone by and tomorrow will be today

Today is all we have

Today we will make choices

There will still be disagreements

There will surely be sorrow and tears

It will not always be a day of celebration

But today is, so embrace it.

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Don’t cry over spilled milk

Opening eyes to see faces all posed

Someone is covering my mouth and my nose

I remember Beechwood

The impact of the crash

Bouncing off the tree

As my foot presses brake to floor, wheeling in circles

The conclusive, sorrowful expressions

Men in badges badgering me with questions

TQ pondered it from a safe distance

Yes, step back, it is someone else

One in a dream

But the unforgiving pain is real

The blood is red

The milk carton on the floor is weeping out its tears in apology

This will be a story to tell in years to come

Only a tragedy could draw me such a crowd such as this.


Prompt: “20 little projects” 20 things I had to include in this poem. I got 11 of them. Metaphors, nicknames, proper nouns, contradictions, echos in images, senses, etc.

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An Unbridled Risk

The long, winding road

Lies ahead of me

I can see off in the distance

But not around the bends along the way.

The scenery is inviting

The serene water of the lake

The mountains silhouetted against blue sky

Clouds that foretell no minacious weather

Now an empty road

I wonder, How many have traveled it

And ever twice?

Or were there regrets at the end

And empty promise.


Prompt: a non-rhyming poem (my choice) An ekphrastic, a poem derived from a photograph. This blog does not upload pictures. You must envision it.

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Sweet Silence

Before the sun arises

My eyes are open

When it is still darkness

When there is stillness in the darkness

I steal away from the warmth of the night

Before i have to face the day

And call on sweet silence

As night falls and work is done

And I’m calling for dreams

As I hear dreams calling

That can only be found

When I stop running around

I focus on where there is sweet silence

At any point throughout my day

When turmoil is stressing

And stressing brings turmoil

I close my eyes 

At a moment in time

To seek the divine

of sweet silence


I’m way behind on my prompts. This one was to write a poem using a repetitious phrase.

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Breath of Hope

We are dying

While we’re living

We are taking

While we’re giving

See the hope in doubt

What is doubt, but fear

In what you can’t see

From within your sphere

How many colors in the rainbow

How many shades can you see

A promise of life everlasting

Endless possibilities

How many ripples in the ocean

How many waves in the sea

Look beyond your situation

Let hope rise above your need

We are dying

Christ is living

We are taking

Christ is giving

Take a seed of faith

Keep believing

Feel the pulse of Christ

Hope is breathing.


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Dreams Afloat

My yellow balloon floated up in the sky

How long would it last no one would know

I held it tightly in my hand

But I somehow let it go

There were hundreds of others I saw as I stare

Confetti of colors filled up the air

We children reaching with our eyes in despair

Began to shed our tears with fear

But as we fixed our gaze above

Smiles chased our sorrow with awe

The sky was like none other seen

As all our dreams we saw

create an array our one balloon

could not a crowd ever draw

So if you open up your hand

And your dream needs to be free

Don’t try to hold it, let it go

So its beauty all can see


prompt: Write a children’s poem. (not sure if this is for children, but it’s about children and maybe all of us)

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